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  1. Jinentonix

    Ryerson University vs Ryerson, The Man.

    THIS is what's wrong with the "schools of higher thought" these days. For a university they sure avoid facts like they're a coronavirus. Ryerson University has failed utterly to acquaint students with who Egerton Ryerson was and what he did that was so positive for Indigenous peoples. Last...
  2. Jinentonix

    Foreign Traitor to Canada Maryam Monsef calls Taliban "Our Brothers".

    What more needs to be said other than our so-called Minister for Women and Gender Equality doesn't really give two shits or a flying rat's ass about women or gender equality. I mean who the hell calls them "our brothers" and then tries to insist they're still terrorists? Is that her back handed...
  3. Jinentonix

    Ideological Veganism: It's a Lie.

    Now, before I get into this I want to preface it by stating that if you're vegan because you're trying to make healthier life choices, this isn't about you. If you're vegan because you love animals so much and can't bear to see them hurt, then this is precisely for you. I am routinely "graced"...
  4. Jinentonix

    Nonsensical Holiday Closings.

    So my wife was wondering if any grocery stores would be open on July 1st. While checking to see if any in our region were open, (They're not) I noticed something weird. All of the weed shops can be open on July 1st. However, only 4 Beer Stores in the region will be allowed to open, 1 in each...
  5. Jinentonix

    Canada, the Land of the Self-Privileged and the Pussies and Wimps Who Allow it.

    So anyway, about 2 1/2 years ago a young couple moved into the apartment unit above ours. They have a little kid who is more than a little rambunctious. In fact, for the last 2 1/2 years we have been treated to a near daily cacophony of running, jumping, stomping and banging on the floor for...
  6. Jinentonix

    What a Friggin Waste

    So I got my first delivery of prescribed medical marijuana from Shoppers Drug Mart in the form of a couple of disposable vape pens. Well holy shit, the two pens had their own packaging and were wrapped in a big wad of bubble plastic, wrapped up in a plastic bag and finally enclosed in a big...
  7. Jinentonix

    NASA Recently Admitted What is Causing Rapid Climate Change, and it's Not What You Think.

    So, I was watching a program the other day and NASA scientists have stated the cause of recent rapid climate change. They have confirmed it IS human activity however it's NOT from carbon emissions. As we all know, over time the north pole moves ever so slowly. What some might not know is that it...
  8. Jinentonix

    This is Trudeau's Idea of Reconciliation.

    Bravo to the Canadian MSM who couldn't stop talking about Attawapiskat when their fat worthless Chief went on a fake hunger strike but nary a peep about this disgusting turn of events by Canada's "Champion of Native Reconciliation".
  9. Jinentonix

    Democrats Truly Are Feckin' Stupid.

    Blue checkmarks and Democrats took to Twitter on Thursday to condemn a call for violence against Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the people in his administration. The quote in question, however, was actually a call to violence against former President Donald Trump and his supporters from U.S. Rep. Maxine...
  10. Jinentonix

    The Worst PM Ever. Period!

    For the past four years, I’ve had a front row seat to witness the effects of Justin Trudeau’s arrogance and failed policy both inside and outside the House of Commons. It was shortly after his election in 2015, when Trudeau stormed across the House of Commons in a fit of rage and elbowed one of...
  11. Jinentonix

    Passport Canada is Tone Deaf.

    So recently on Twitter, Passport Canada sent out a tweet urging citizens who are planning a winter vacation to renew their passports. Considering all the travel bans and restrictions, I can't help but feel the Govt is mocking us. Unless of course your home straddles the border, then you might...
  12. Jinentonix

    Socialism's Default is Capitalism.

    Looking at the history of countries that have gone full socialist, it's not very pretty. Socialism has failed in every country that's tried it. Let's look at a few of them. Israel, India, and the United Kingdom all adopted socialism as an economic model following World War II. Socialism is...
  13. Jinentonix

    Did Kamals Harris Just Telegraph a Democrat Party Bait and Switch?

    So during the DNC televised crap Kamala Harris stated that as President she would use her executive power to ban imports of AR-15 "style" rifles." Either Harris is already campaigning way ahead of the next election cycle thinking she'll be the presumptive nominee, or else the Democrats plan on...
  14. Jinentonix

    Work From Home Legislation

    The other day I was thinking about work from home legislation becoming permanent in Canada and the US as it is becoming in Europe. This is a clever little ploy by so-called progressives to create even further division within the working class. The biggest problem with it is there are jobs that...
  15. Jinentonix

    Sensitivities Test

    Which symbol offends you more?
  16. Jinentonix

    The Simpsons Did it Again.

    Once again, the Simpsons predicted the future. Remember the episode where Ranier Wolfcastle takes on a bunch of "commie-nazis? Well, commie-nazis are real and they're called BLM. One BLM co-founder claims they are all trained Marxists while the other went on a racist rant channeling his inner...
  17. Jinentonix

    Sexist Trudeau ends funding for MAPI

    The London Abused Women’s Centre (LAWC) said programs that help over 600 women and girls who are victims of human trafficking are being cancelled after the federal government denied funding. LAWC, in addition to other organizations, was receiving funding through the Measures to Address...
  18. Jinentonix

    Warren Buffet Bails Out of Quebec Energy Project I hope Blanchet chokes on this decision. Now we just have to wait and see if Team Groper will run to the rescue and cough up the now missing billions...
  19. Jinentonix

    If You Truly Value Your Privacy, Read This.

    The era of the cell phone and tablet is also the end of privacy. Anyone, and I mean anyone can trace where you are and where you've been minute by minute right down to the inch. It's a long read but it's also a real eye opener for those of you who have those devices...
  20. Jinentonix

    The Fallacy of (some) CEO pay.

    The left likes to say that if you can't afford to pay your employees a living wage, you can't afford to pay your CEO millions of dollars a year. Robert Reich ( or as I like to call him, 3rd Reich Robert) busted out Walmart as an example where their CEO is pulling down about $6 million/yr. Now...