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  1. Curiosity

    New Rib Rub

    Dang Juan Here I thought you were gonna tell us about a new kind of smooching!! Rib Rub indeed hehehe
  2. Curiosity

    Chuck Davis Vancouver Biographer's Final Mission

    I was sent the following article about Mr. Davis - a regular writer for the Province in B.C. and one of my favorites as I love people who are biographers and see things in their home towns we often fail to see or are too busy to notice. I am sorry to read of his pending last days and hope he...
  3. Curiosity

    Flu is not the biggest danger ...... It's the vaccine

    Cliffy Congratulations on your continued good health! I had a lot of illness growing up in Winnipeg because I loved the winter and the snow and was probably getting colds from getting away out of the house without all the gear necessary to protect. Since I live in a warm climate now I can't...
  4. Curiosity

    Flu is not the biggest danger ...... It's the vaccine

    JLM You are probably right - but it isn't as dramatic (lol).... of course I could imagine having a wonderful smooch session with some gorgeous guy and if I caught the flu from him, it would have been ok... Flu isn't very dramatic is it? I mean if you are gonna get sick, it should be...
  5. Curiosity

    Flu is not the biggest danger ...... It's the vaccine

    Dear Cliffy.....thanks for your cheery note! I haven't had a cold in years and years and this flu thing knocked me sideways - I'd forgotten about fevers and aches but at least I spent my misery in total self-indulgence. I am a fan of the new drinks mixing fruit and veggie juices together and...
  6. Curiosity

    Flu is not the biggest danger ...... It's the vaccine

    I get the "flu shot" every autumn when it is offered.... never had a reaction until this year... I had it Thursday and Friday afternoon began to feel headachy - Saturday was the worst and was unable to find my stupid thermometer which was probably best because I didn't want to know what it...
  7. Curiosity

    Thank you Canada for your assistance during 9/11

    Discussions are already taking place in the U.S. about another 9/11 anniversary - whether this is a good thing or a bad thing I don't know but each year I am remiss in mentioning something that stays with me as clear as the day it happened. How Canada and Canadians opened their airspace...
  8. Curiosity

    Yorkshire Pudding

    Thanks Juan! I'll have to hunt down that brand and try some individuals - would never dare want to ruin a whole big dish of Yorkshire.....but smaller individuals I could stand to lose a few if I messed up.... I'd forgotten all about that delightful treat... yum!
  9. Curiosity

    Yorkshire Pudding

    Oh oh I haven't had Yorkshire Pudding in a long time My mother taught my husband to make it - he was an incurable chef and loved trying new things - he'd never made one - she used a large bowl and when the pudding was cooked she used a baster to lift out the oil trapped in the middle to keep...
  10. Curiosity

    Greek Orthodox Church destroyed on 9/11 still not rebuilt...

    Greek Orthodox Church At Ground Zero Destroyed on 9/11: Still Not Rebuilt – IndyPosted I am always amazed at the lack of news coverage in comparison to the "plight of the Mosque" at ground zero for one little church which was destroyed on 9/11 at the site of the terrorist attack. One would...
  11. Curiosity

    Just an Obituary worth a few minutes' read and thought

    Obituary printed in the London Times -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long...
  12. Curiosity

    Stainless steel

    Juan - great idea getting separate BBoards for the kids Ahem - are you and the Mrs. a bit more "lenient" on the grandkids than you were with your own kids? I think by the time parents become "grandparents" they are ready to be remodeled by any attention a little squirt will require and...
  13. Curiosity

    Stainless steel

    Hi Juan Apart from seething with remorse and jealousy because I let my SS appliances go with the sale of our home.... I am sorry about the magnets....funny how we get used to little "home habits", especially if you have an analytical mind such as you do... Still crayons and sticky notes work...
  14. Curiosity

    South Africaaner Wins in British Open - Oosthuizen Takes British Open This surprise winner who was a leader from the first day was a refreshing win - you have to be a magician to fight those winds at St. Andrews. Nice to see a new name and face holding up a winner's trophy and boy he was a cool one during the whole...
  15. Curiosity

    "Bartin" Alternate Theories Rants...just keeping them together....

    re: "Bartin" Alternate Theories Rants...just keeping them together.... Barty/Kreskin - Yup It would be illegal.
  16. Curiosity

    The ICON Aircraft

    Juan.... Here's a cutie for you to have for your very own - they can even be towed behind an SUV and are capable of ground AND water air-surface landings... ICON Aircraft: Sport Flying Revolution They are working on a light sport aircraft prototype in the desert north of here .... I...
  17. Curiosity

    Brian Williams (NBC) Thanks Canada

    I know everyone is filled to the brim with Olympics but I thought this note kinda cute and you might enjoy reading it. SQWRACING JOURNAL: I know I'm not supposed to publish the entire article but this is really nice. Well done Vancouver/BC/CANADA! Hey he has my MITTENS on!!
  18. Curiosity

    McCain's Vice President

    Today John McCain released his Vice Presidential candidate choice - Sarah Palin - currently Governor of Alaska. Most of the websites are difficult to get into right now - but this is an interesting one about her...if you don't already know her. Certainly in line with Obama's prediction of...
  19. Curiosity

    Tip of My Hat to the Influence of Dads

    Father's Day last weekend brought many of the usual commercial messages, advertising, and a collection of some pretty original ideas from some of my friends who are still lucky enough to have a father - or even luckier - to be fathers themselves. At the end of my Sunday R&R I imposed upon...
  20. Curiosity

    To Zan

    happy birthday zan!!! enjoy your special day...