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  1. talloola

    2012 ryder cup

    anyone else looking forward to the ryder cup like I am? medinah country club, chicago ill friday, sat and sunday, September 28,29,30. I've followed the lead up to friday all week, so exciting, can't begin to suggest what team is the stronger. Of course the u.s. is at home, so that will be in...
  2. talloola

    another canadian skiing death today

    a 29 yr old man was killed today after crashing into safety nets during a ski race in switzerland don't have the link, just heard it on the news, he was from toronto.
  3. talloola

    PRESIDENTS CUP 2011, melbourne, australia

    Already looking forward to The Presidents Cup 2011 by Dean Dyer on May 23, 2010 Last November I shared a fantastic golfing experience with a couple of good mates……..seeing Tiger Woods win the Australian Masters at Kingston Heath Golf Course in Melbourne, Australia. The golf was great, Tiger was...
  4. talloola

    christmas, Uggggh

    I was in costco yesterday and noticed a 'christmas tree', (choke), then beyond that there was a complete row of christmas decorations etc. I've never before had the urge to physically destroy anything in a store, (or anywhere else) until I saw those articles, I wanted to tear that tree to...
  5. talloola

    Murder in courtenay

    There was a murder in courtenay, outside of vanier high school, and close to a concert, on sat. night. a 16 year old stabbed a 19 year old, who died from the injury. it seems there was a gathering of people, and a fight broke out, not sure of any details after that, only the outcome. what a...
  6. talloola

    earthquake in japan

    BREAKING NEWS, BIG EARTHQUAKE IN JAPAN, I just this minute heard this news.
  7. talloola

    wayne gretzky - 50 yrs old

    happy birthday wayne gretzky, 50 years old today I had the priviledge and pleasure of seeing him play from the beginning of his NHL career to the end. enjoyed every minute.
  8. talloola

    John Lennon

    The 30 year anniversary of his death. Brings back memories and anger toward that sicko who shot him in the back 'twice'. A very sad day.
  9. talloola

    prime rib

    I just bought a beautiful prime rib roast, need advice. I love prime rib, but have never cooked it before.
  10. talloola

    team canada 2010

    Brodeur, Fleury, Luongo Boyle, Doughty, Keith, Neidermeyer-C, Pronger, Seabrook, Weber P. Bergeron, Crosby, Getzlaf, Heatley, Iginla, Marleau, Morrow, Nash Perry, M. Richards, E. Staal, Thornton, Toews. Team Canada was chosen this morning for 2010 winter olympics, I'm surprised there was no...
  11. talloola

    home from the phillipines

    I am meeting my grandaughter at the airport later today. She has been in the phillipines for two months, working in an orphanage for children. She is 19 yrs old, and has had a huge culture shock. At first she was knocked of balance from the difference, compared to her life in canada, (vancouver...
  12. talloola

    The garden

    It's garden time, and 'again' I'm starting some early planting. This year I have started my 'corn' indoors in those little peat pots, as, last two years I have had lots of trouble getting corn to grow properly. Some didn't come up at all, and others came out of ground, grew about 3 inches...
  13. talloola

    obama oath redone

    Chief justice roberts asked obama today if they could re-do the oath again today, to make it right this time, so they did.
  14. talloola

    O J Simpson

    On the 13th anniversary of the verdict re: murdur of his wife and friend, OJ Simpson finally heard the word he should have heard 13 years ago, G U I L T Y
  15. talloola

    Want to go Fishing?

    I took this picture of my daughter, minutes after she came into the marina with this 33.1 lb Tyee Salmon, she has a 14 ft. boat, and she was fishing all by herself, took her about 15 min. to hook the fish, and about 20 min. to land it. She had a tough time hauling it into the boat, in the net...
  16. talloola

    Bill Clinton,Joe Bidin,John Kerry

    More great speeches from the democratic convention tonight. It wasn't a good night, again, to be a republican. John Kerry gave a great speech, one I think he has saved over the last four years, and one I think he should have given during his campaign, as the dems were too passive in that...
  17. talloola

    Hillary's speech

    I watched Hilliary give her speech tonight at the Democratic Convention. She was marvelous, and said all the right things to unite the party. I was not a Hillary follower, but this speech tonight drew me closer to her, as she did everything she could possibly do, to gather all of her supporters...
  18. talloola

    internet change - what's going to happen

    Could someone explain what the plans are to make 'big' changes in internet usage in the next few years. Are we going to be limited 'as to' what we can do on the internet in the future or? Are we going to have to buy the 'use' of web sites? I need some help to understand this plan. Will we have...
  19. talloola

    Rev. Wright

    Did anyone else watch Rev. Wright's speech on CNN last night, I did, and I'm glad, as I have listened to all the trashing of this man over the last few weeks, and his speech last night awakened me to how wise and intelligent he is, much different than the little sound bite they have played over...
  20. talloola

    A ban on homeschooling in California?

    A recent ruling in california states that home schooling will become illegal unless homeschool teachers are 'qualified'. After reading some blogs that are totally against the ruling, I wonder about the 'children' who do actually suffer badly from home schooling,as, although most are probably...