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  1. daisygirl

    George Carlin View's on Aging

    Happy, Locutus? You're right as usual and you do so enjoy putting me down, don't you. *Sigh*
  2. daisygirl

    Thanks to Andem and the Mods

    I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the new look of CC. I really feel comfortable here, finally, and it is easy to stay away from the Beach which carries the type of things that I, personally, really don't want to read. Keeping the two areas separate is absolutely wonderful and I'm...
  3. daisygirl

    I give up! I mean it this time!

    Short version: For those who have been wondering where I've been this past week: 1. Infected cat bite on left hand. 2. Two new kittens...Old cat can't stand them....will have to return them...when?...damn, they're soooooo cute. 3. Worked to the bone on the weekend...left knee is up like...
  4. daisygirl

    Tribute to Lennon and McCartney

    I'm just letting everyone know that tomorrow, Saturday, July 21st, is the tribute to Lennon and McCartney. This is a free concert in the park, next to the Holiday Inn, put on by the Peterborough Summer Festival Concert Series which has a free concert every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the...
  5. daisygirl

    Tribute to the BeeGees

    I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that this Saturday, July 14th, will be the tribute to the BeeGees if you're interested in seeing it. It is part of Peterborough's Free Summer Concert Series by the water and there are terrific fireworks afterwards. It should be a fabulous show! Here is...
  6. daisygirl

    Peter Noone...remember him?

    Peter Noone, originally from Herman's Hermits, will be opening up the Peterborough Free Concert series this Saturday, the 23rd. We are taking our lawn chairs and some pop and are going to go see him. Every show in the series is always followed by 5 - 10 minutes of fireworks over the water...