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    Maglev wind turbines 1000x more efficient than normal windmills
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    Buying Drinks

    Another Curiousity
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    Buying Dinner

    Okay, Pangloss has gotten me curious.
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    The Right to Choose

    A woman has the right to choose weather or not to abort a baby but will lose the right to choose which type of light bulb to use. Did our grandparents fight and die so that we could have the right choose to kill unborn babies but not the right to choose how to light our houses? P.S. I'm pro...
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    The significance of Europe

    Maybe it is my perception but if Europe supports something I get the impression that people think the world is behind it. Well if the United States does something it is Unitarianism. The population of Europe is only twice that of the Untied States. The GDP of Europe is not significantly...
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    I never really understood myspace but everyone now seems to have one. Maybe I should give in to the darkside and set one up.
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    How come I have never heard of anyone robbing a store wearing a burka. I have heard of people blowing themselves up wearing a burka but never robbing a store. Why not? My guess it it must be too heard to take off the burka in the getaway care. Or maybe you would trip over it while trying to run...
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    I want to watch scared and scared blog but the jerks won't let people outside of the us watch it :angryfire: I don't see why not either because I get MTV on shaw.
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    Animal Rights vs Abortion Poll

    Liberalman has gotten me curious. This is not a proper survey but it might be interesting. I'll vote for that it is worse to abort fetuses but then again I have no problems with eating meat so I'm still pro choice.
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    Gas Prices and The Environment

    I find it hypocritical for politicians to complain about gas prices out of one side of their mouth well out of the other side complain about the environment though the other side of their mouth. I may be in the minority, hence the poll.
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    The View

    Believe it or not I haven't watched the view since Rosie has been on it. I have only heard the ridiculous quotes of the times she has put her foot in her mouth. That said she sure spiced the show up even though she is a left wing nut. That blond Rossie is debating is cute :)...
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    Asthma and Pollution

    I have read before that many respiratory problems are due to very small particles in the air that get embedded inside your lungs and cause them to inflame. We here of people on TV have breathing problems because of smog but smog is mostly ozone and is ozone what is really causing the problems? I...
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    Moderate Muslim: U.S. Media Enable Islamic Extremists

    "The American press is so encumbered by political correctness and ignorant of Islamic doctrine that it is allowing extremist Muslims in this country to mask a hard-core ideology in minority politics. So says M. Zuhdi Jasser, a moderate American Muslim leader (h/t: LGF).This pandering on the part...
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    Glen Beck, The climate of Fear

    "IM BALL, NATURAL RESOURCES STEWARDSHIP PROJECT: Many times I`ve been tempted to say why am I doing this? Why am I running my head into a concrete wall? BECK: Tim Ball received a Ph.D. in climatology from the University of London and spent his professional life under the radar as a professor...
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    The Bible on Environmental Conservation: A 21st Century Prescription

    "AbstractIt may come as a surprise to some, but the Bible has a great deal to say about the environment and its conservation some 20 centuries since it was written. Perhaps among the most surprised will be Bible-toting church goers who may have never heard a sermon related to the...
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    The Thought Police Are Going to Gain Ground

    With the recent school shooting so soon after the comment by Imus I just can't help but think that the thought police are going to go after video games and music and actually get something band or at least create some new rules. I do think though that if we are going to go after violence in the...
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    Is Rap Music In Trouble?

    With the recent comments by Imas Rap music has been put under the spotlight. The question is will rap music feel the reverbs of this “scandal” or well the public soon forget about it because of their short attention span. As for what I want, I am glad to see that at least people like Jessie...
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    Perspective In Media As Nasty as Imus’s remarks were are they really the worst the media can dish out? Resist Sexist Slurs are one thing but they don’t stain and tarnish like slander and false accusations. The media has burned people time and time again and...
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    Glen Beck: There are Racists all Over the Media
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    Glen Beck: Uncivial Society; Lord of the Flies There is more in the transcripts but I think I posted enough to make Glens Point. We live in a society where it is entertaining to watch other people put people down. Shows like American Idol are a great example of this. There are...