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  1. Ocean Breeze

    Obstructive Transition & Pardons/ Bribes

    Justice Department investigating potential bribery plot in exchange for presidential pardons, court records show Not surprising. (The rules were...
  2. Ocean Breeze

    BC Snap Election : Oct. 24-2020

    Election called in B.C. Calculus on this one??
  3. Ocean Breeze

    JAPAN: News- Events-Culture

    Shinzo Abe, Japan's longest-serving prime minister, says he will resign because of health issues
  4. Ocean Breeze

    Russia 'Politics' & News

    Russian opposition leader Navalny in a coma and fighting for his life after alleged poisoning
  5. Ocean Breeze

    D.J.Trump Says:

    Trump says of QAnon conspiracy movement: 'These are people who love our country' More sensationalism for drama and silly effect?? or certifiably delusional...
  6. Ocean Breeze

    Apple Worth 2 Trillion

    Apple just became the first U.S. company worth $2 trillion cid=eml_nbn_20200819 entering a rarefied stratosphere..
  7. Ocean Breeze

    Twitter Accounts -of Rich -Hacked

    Twitter accounts of Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Elon Musk and Bill Gates hit by wide-ranging bitcoin scam
  8. Ocean Breeze

    Prominent Legal Cases -Developments

    Judge rejects Harvey Weinstein's nearly $19 million settlement with accusers, citing unfair conditions for victims
  9. Ocean Breeze

    How much Trouble is Trudeau in??

    July 10, 2020 Breaking News Tories calling for criminal probe of PM's ties to WE Charity, halted federal contract
  10. Ocean Breeze

    Plague of Locusts (on top of other crisis)

    World scrambles to fight massive plague of locusts that could leave millions hungry Wonder if the humans on this planet are really learning anything from the...
  11. Ocean Breeze

    Black Lives Matter-Ugliness of Racism.

    'Black Lives Matter' painted on road next to White House and street renamed by mayor Will there be substantive changes in the culture itself?? The USA BIG...
  12. Ocean Breeze

    Space X-Launches Astronauts into Space

    SpaceX capsule with NASA astronauts on board begins its historic journey...
  13. Ocean Breeze

    Assault Style Weapons Prohibited In CDA

    More than 1K assault-style weapons now prohibited in Canada: PM Trudeau Excellent!!! About time. There is NO need for this type of weapon .........unless one is in the...
  14. Ocean Breeze

    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    3 new COVID-19 cases announced in Ontario
  15. Ocean Breeze

    Putin's Power Play - Constitutional Changes??

    Russian government resigns as Putin seeks constitutional shakeup in possible power play
  16. Ocean Breeze

    IRAN: It's Troubles & World Community

    France, Britain and Germany launch process to hold Iran accountable for violating nuclear deal, opening way for sanctions By activating the 2015 nuclear deal��s dispute resolution mechanism, the European nations are indicating they reject Iran��s withdrawal from the restrictions on its...
  17. Ocean Breeze

    Trump USA : 2020

    Nancy Pelosi announces war powers resolution limiting Trump as tensions with Iran escalate
  18. Ocean Breeze

    US Assassinates Iranian Military General

    and now the world is waiting for payback from Iran. Trump is gloating as can be predicted. He is acting like he got himself a kill. this was provocative........and could escalate badly. the question is the timing and the real motive as the Trump gang has no credibility...
  19. Ocean Breeze

    The British Election

    An unpopular Trump casts a shadow over Britain��s general election In Britain, more than any other country aside from the United States, he has sought to bolster his political allies and trash his detractors. British officials have been taken aback by such overt election interference by...
  20. Ocean Breeze

    Is NATO on Life Support???

    NATO Is as Good as Dead