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  1. Machjo

    Stormfront: 'murder capital of internet' pulled offline after civil rights action We might want to brace for new members looking for a new forum soon. :)
  2. Machjo

    Proposal for free trade agreement that even nationalists might tolerate.

    One proposal for renegotiating NAFTA would be to replace it with two separate unrelated trade agreements. The first would be what we might call a Cooperative North American Free-Trade Treaty (CONAFT). It would grant all sole proprietorships, worker cooperatives, and consumer-cooperative natural...
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    Montreal becomes 'sanctuary city' after unanimous vote of approval

    Montreal becomes 'sanctuary city' after unanimous vote of approval - Montreal - CBC News I'm in too minds about the policy but agree with the principle behind it.
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    Your thoughts on Erin O'toole and CANZUK? Though the idea does reveal his ethnocentrism, I still see it as a step in the right direction as long as it does not come at the expense of more closed borders to countries that are more geographically closer to us. After all, though open borders between Canada...
  5. Machjo

    Child sex doll trial opens Pandora's box of questions about child porn

    Child sex doll trial opens Pandora's box of questions about child porn - Newfoundland & Labrador - CBC News My opinion? Though I agree that an artificial prepubescent sex doll can qualify as 'child pornography' can can escalate a pedophile's activities over time, I don't necessarily agree that...
  6. Machjo

    Can one be for more open borders and for more racial freedom?

    I might hold an odd combination of beliefs. On the one hand, I'm for much more open borders than even the NDP has ever proposed. I also tend to oppose unfair privileges conferred on specific ethnic groups through excessive official bilingualism or the separate school system among other examples...
  7. Machjo

    How best to help Bombardier!

    Give each Canadian some money that he can give to the poor struggling business of his choice other than his own each year. I would give to my local grocery store. At least that way I'd be subsidizing my food purchases. I don't know about you guys, but I myself am not a big consumer of...
  8. Machjo

    A refugee policy that costs the taxpayer nothing.

    The government should not be giving refugees money. Instead, let them in to fend for themselves: This is how to do it.
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    Afghan receives Purple Heart at Dulles.

    US travel ban: Why did a veteran give a stranger his Purple Heart? - BBC News The true American spirit.
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    How do we promote the well-being of all workers?

    How do we promote the well-being of all workers? Often we seem to like to try to pit workers against one another across national boundaries, but that can only hurt all workers in the end. So how do we promote the well-being of all workers across international boundaries?
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    Why does Svalbard not suffer mass immigration?

    Given how anyone in the world can legally work in Svalbard without needing any work visa, why is it that Svalbard doesn't suffer mass immigration?
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    How do we deal with North American government debd?

    This video is about the US, but it shows the Canadian situation too which is little better.
  13. Machjo

    I'm starting to appreciate Brexit a little more now that Trump is in power.

    I was a little harsh against Brexiteers, thinking how ridiculous it was of them to turn their backs on their main trading partners. But at the same time, what happens when those same partners force the UK to take sides? In some respects, Trump will do this to Canada. If Trump decides that to...
  14. Machjo

    Low internal taxes, high tariffs? "This strategy starts by withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and making certain that any new trade deals are in the interests of American workers. President Trump is committed to renegotiating...
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    This is the idea that turned me from mostly socialist to mostly capitalist years ago.

    You can't have free immigration and an overly-generous welfare state. It's one or the other.
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    What taxes do you prefer?

    If given a choice, would you prefer a low tax that you cannot avoid (for example, an income tax or a generally-applied value-added tax) or a high tax that you can avoid, at least in principle (for example, a wealth tax or a tax on net profits from the extraction of non-renewable resources or the...
  17. Machjo

    Trump going on a naval spending spree? The poor taxpayer!
  18. Machjo

    Pregnant woman downing drinks. What would you do?

    I think this video raises an interesting moral dilemma related to abortion. In some states, a habitual drinker can be forced into rehab. But here's the question: does human life begin at conception or at birth? If human life starts at birth, then just as a pregnant woman should be allowed to...
  19. Machjo

    Should we give racists their space?

    I was thinking that maybe the best way to get racists out of our hairs is to give them their space. Imagine for example that we selected some isolated community and declared it an English-only or French-only zone. Unless you're English (or French, depending on the zone), though you could enter...
  20. Machjo

    Should burial plots be given a renewable 70-year lease?

    What happens when cemetery space runs out? - Home | The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti | CBC Radio Your thoughts?