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    Field of Dreams

    Good movie about times past. I played pony league baseball. Some of the happiest days of my life.:).
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    It's a simple question with several opinions. What is your opinion? What is the primary cause of war? Even going back to the tribal days.
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    My Coach.

    I have an occupational therapist here at the hospital by the name of Denise. She is helping me with weight lifting and exercising to build back my strength so I can be functional. She is one of the nicest, thoughtful and compassionate persons I've met here at this hospital. And,,,she's Canadian...
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    everything sucks. How's.that ? I'm sayin Suckville.

    read title. es pee bueno hombres. everything sucks the burro pee pee. :).
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    The Kennedy's.

    I was eight years old when our teacher came into the classroom crying. She informed all of us that the President had been murdered and that school would be let out early. I remember it seeming surreal. I did not follow John Kennedy that close but I admired him as much as any naive 8 year old...
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    Barrett Jackson.

    Well I'm watching this auction. People spending upwards to 200 grand for a collector car or truck. They are all beautiful vehicles. In 1975 I bought my first and only brand new vehicle. It was a 1975 short wheel base Chevy Van . Blue metal flake in color with big tires and Crager mag wheels. I...
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    Question for Petros.

    Does cannibus help with neuropothy? It is legal here.
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    When you are in agony there is nothing wrong with taking a percoset to ease the pain. Especially when you are trying to sleep. You have to be careful and don't think to take more than prescribed. If they stop working maybe you'll need time release morphine. If they can fix you and the pain...
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    Dysfunctional Planet

    We live in a world where children are not safe from adults. Child prostitution, child porn. priests who are suppose to be looked up to raping young boys. Muzzies raping children with no remorse and claiming to worship some sort of god. Adults abusing children. Nothing worse. If there is a God I...
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    Final Four

    There are four left in the NCAA basketball tournament. North Carolina, Oregon, Gonzaga and South Carolina. I'm picking North Carolina to win it all.
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    What did Jesus look like ?

    Have ya seen the portraits of the sandy haired blue eyed Jesus ? I wonder what made the west think he looked like that. In the movies you have Max Von Sydow and Jeffrey Hunter playing the title role. Both with brown hair and blue eyes. Mel Gibson in his movie The Passion Of Christ , cast a jesus...
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    Favorite food

    I never liked Chinese food. Never had Japanese but I have had Thai food and I did like that. I love seafood and Italian food is okay now and then. American bbq is good sometimes but my favorite food hands down is Arizona Sonoran Mexican food. I could eat it every night. What's your favorite?
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    Life expectancy.

    I wonder if we live too long. We have all these medical advances to try and make us live forever but look at the population. I was talking with my cousin awhile back and his thought was that maybe all these diseases and ailments are part of the Earths immune system. Can't say I disagree. Maybe...
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    What qualities and characteristics do you think the President of the United States should have? As far as this poster is concerned, our current leader has none, nor did any of those who ran against him.
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    Trump and his Rooski pals.

    Hey Eaglecrack. What up with those 63 Russians who bought 98 million dollah worth of Troomp property? Havin buds like that wouldn't make a person think twice on any particular political decisions would it now? :).
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    Always get a kick out of Selfsame telling us no good Zionists that we're going to Hell. Murph you're at the top of the list. When I was young I guess I bought into the dogma of a literal hell and a god who would punish us eternally if we didn't find it within us to prove our love for "Him". I...
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    Do you believe in a source of all that exists?

    I use to be Christian. I still like parts of the religion like the Sermon on the mount. But I've come to a point in my life where I do not believe in the Abrahamic god. Still, when I look at pictures of the universe with all the brilliant lights and colors, and activity, I can't help but think...
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    The Process.

    That's what the Hospice nurse called it when my sister was in her final days. " End of life Process ". I guess it's a better description than anything else. Now, as my cousin goes through that same process my sister went through four years ago with the same insidious disease that she had, I'm...
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    Can a broken heart kill?

    Recently I had heard that my school days best friend had passed away. Gosh didn't we spend time playing football, baseball and basketball as kids. Riding our bikes all over the place. And when we were old enough, hitting the bars looking for girls only to strike out most of the time and...
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    Why do you like politics?

    Seeing as how politicians are pretty much full of shyt, why do you all obsess over these carny barkers? Every one of them are interested in one thing. Promoting themselves. So what's the fascination with these pricks?