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  1. damngrumpy

    New Album Savage Steel is released

    As I have mentioned several times I have been working with others on an album of blues and country rock and it was released on line yesterday afternoon. This project featured musicians from six countries and was recorded in Spain using live sessions and dropbox I wrote two songs one entitled...
  2. damngrumpy

    FIFA Allegations of Corruption

    No one mentioning how corrupt the sport of Soccer(football Is) This sport appears to be a big phony game including who gets to host it. 14 likely going to end up in the courts. I know wrestling is fake and I don't care for it but it is still better than the most boring game in the world...
  3. damngrumpy

    Alberta Election Trail

    Anyone following the election in Alberta? Very interesting indeed. NDP out front at the moment in two major polls as of today and Tories coming back into second. NDP 38% Tories 30% Wildrose in third. What is of interest is the undecided has dropped to 29%. True NDP is strong mostly in Edmonton...
  4. damngrumpy

    Poetry Book out Soon

    I will finally have my poetry book out on April 18th with a Chapters book signing in Kelowna that day according to my editor Darcy My internet radio station will be a while yet though hopefully in the fall It may be the love of the arts but there is a lot of crap to go through before one is done
  5. damngrumpy

    Name your favorite one hit wonder

    Today we talked about the old artists and the memories Got me to thinking of all those who had a hit or two and disappeared I'll start with a couple of flash in the pans. Napoleon 14th They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha Ha The Rivingtons they had a hit called Papa OoMow Mow they were back in...
  6. damngrumpy

    Bountiful is Back in the News

    According to the CBC the characters at Bountiful BC are back in the news. Blackmore and his former partner in the community have again been charged with Polygamy and transporting under age girls across the border to the USA. The court actions happened today the two leaders who have had a falling...
  7. damngrumpy

    Violent Protests in Brazil

    It seems the folks in Brazil don't like fair hikes on the buses and now they don't like building stadiums for Soccer or the Olympic Games. People want health care and other services brought up to date and an end to out of control spending on sport venues. I have long said the games and special...
  8. damngrumpy

    Venezuelan Presidential Election Results

    Razor thin but a win. The governing Socialists held on electing the Vice President and continuing the policies of Chavez. A percentage point separate the two but over 99% of the ballots are counted. The difference? The poor got out to vote and headed off the former ruling class. by the time...
  9. damngrumpy

    BC Premier Apologizes for vote plan

    CBC is reporting that BC Premier has apologized for an attempt to use the Multicultural Ministry to gain votes in the election using government resourses. A memo went out to eight people from Premiers office, through a an assistant and was leaked to the opposition. Clarke said the plan would...
  10. damngrumpy

    Arrests made in Kelowna Shootings

    RCMP announced yesterday that they have made arrests in the Jonathan Bacon murder in front of the Grand Hotel in August of 2011. Three of the four conspirators have been arrested. The fourth is now dead so they did not lay charges of course. All those arrested were known to police and have...
  11. damngrumpy

    Canadians were Hostage Takers

    According to Canadian Press two of the Algerian hostage takers were Canadians not sure if they were dead or among the three captured alive. Saw this on the local net news. In all over eighty people died including the hostages.
  12. damngrumpy

    Are Genetically Modified Apples Next?

    I have been reading in the local paper the quest for approval continues for GM Apple. The Arctic Apple brand is actually looking to modify more than one variety of apple over time. They have produced an apple that will not brown if cut or bruised and they want to grow it in Canada. Originally...
  13. damngrumpy

    Canadian Press Claims Al Qaeda operating in Syria

    A Canadian Press report claims Al Qaeda is operating in Syria on the side of the rebels. many are ex terror cells that once operated in Iraq. These reports come from CIA operatives and former operative. The problem for the Americans is they are on the same side as the terror groups. these...
  14. damngrumpy

    Two Provincial Government under electoral stress

    In Ontario the budget is being cut and the society is in a certain amount of electoral turmoil In fact they could descend into a full blown election. Look to the left coast, here the situation is becoming even more dire. Cristie Clark's government is showing signs of descending into madness...
  15. damngrumpy

    Ford Is Ford Gone Wild

    Feb 21, 2012 / 2:53 pm Photo: The Canadian Press. All rights reserved. Commuters get off the subway at Toronto's Union Station. Premier Dalton McGuinty says he's running out of patience with Toronto as its mayor battles with city council over transit plans. THE CANADIAN PRESS/J.P. Moczulski...
  16. damngrumpy

    Who Would Vote Republican?

    The race for the Republican presidential nomination took several twists and turns Thursday as Rick Perry dropped out, Newt Gingrich faced stunning allegations from an ex-wife and Mitt Romney struggled to maintain a shaky front-runner's standing. An aggressive evening debate in the critical...
  17. damngrumpy

    This Would Be A Good Law Here

    British law would restirct CEO salaries by The Canadian Press - Story: 69489 Jan 8, 2012 / 11:15 am Britain's government is looking to introduce laws that grant company shareholders the power to veto executive pay packages, Prime Minister David Cameron said Sunday, in a bid to address public...
  18. damngrumpy

    Kelowna Keeps Holiday Spirit

    Kelowna is adding new pages to its reputation with yet another brawl downtown. This time Hells Angels and the Police squared off at pub closing. by RCMP - Story: 69038 Dec 28, 2011 / 9:52 am A Kelowna Mountie was jumped early Tuesday morning after what may have been a gang related fight...
  19. damngrumpy

    Bishop Eddie Long What a guy

    ATLANTA - The wife of Bishop Eddie Long is not withdrawing her petition for divorce, according to a statement from her attorney late Friday. Less than a day after Vanessa Long filed for divorce from Bishop Eddie Long, it appeared she had changed her mind. However, a statement released Friday...
  20. damngrumpy

    Justice May Be Done After All

    Dziekanski Mounties up for perjury by The Canadian Press - Story: 68152 Dec 5, 2011 / 2:29 pm The RCMP officers who confronted Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver's airport the night the Polish man died are scheduled to stand trial on perjury charges late next year and 2013. Dziekanski died after...