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    Field of Dreams

    Good movie about times past. I played pony league baseball. Some of the happiest days of my life.:).
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    Never liked pizza that much
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    Being lazy is a sign of high intelligence

    If that is true then I'm proud to be a dummy.
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    It's a simple question with several opinions. What is your opinion? What is the primary cause of war? Even going back to the tribal days.
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    My Coach.

    I have an occupational therapist here at the hospital by the name of Denise. She is helping me with weight lifting and exercising to build back my strength so I can be functional. She is one of the nicest, thoughtful and compassionate persons I've met here at this hospital. And,,,she's Canadian...
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    everything sucks. How's.that ? I'm sayin Suckville.

    read title. es pee bueno hombres. everything sucks the burro pee pee. :).
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    What Are You Having For Dinner?

    Hospital food. It's not too bad.
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    The Kennedy's.

    I was eight years old when our teacher came into the classroom crying. She informed all of us that the President had been murdered and that school would be let out early. I remember it seeming surreal. I did not follow John Kennedy that close but I admired him as much as any naive 8 year old...
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    Happy Earth Day

    Gotta love an embeciles attempt at sarcasm
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    What Are You Having For Dinner?

    I don't like venison but what is better, mule deer or white tail?
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    Barrett Jackson.

    No this is my first time watching it.
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    Barrett Jackson.

    I believe so.
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    Barrett Jackson.

    Well I'm watching this auction. People spending upwards to 200 grand for a collector car or truck. They are all beautiful vehicles. In 1975 I bought my first and only brand new vehicle. It was a 1975 short wheel base Chevy Van . Blue metal flake in color with big tires and Crager mag wheels. I...
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    Question for Petros.

    Does cannibus help with neuropothy? It is legal here.
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    When you are in agony there is nothing wrong with taking a percoset to ease the pain. Especially when you are trying to sleep. You have to be careful and don't think to take more than prescribed. If they stop working maybe you'll need time release morphine. If they can fix you and the pain...
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    Condom contest uniquely Canadian

    There are no condoms to fit Rodney Dangerfield. He said he use to enter the three legged race by himself.
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    Dysfunctional Planet

    We live in a world where children are not safe from adults. Child prostitution, child porn. priests who are suppose to be looked up to raping young boys. Muzzies raping children with no remorse and claiming to worship some sort of god. Adults abusing children. Nothing worse. If there is a God I...
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    What Are You Having For Dinner?

    Deer taste gamey. Sheperds pie is good.