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  1. petros

    More coyote attacks reported in Stanley Park

    The real problem isn't coyotes or people allegedly feeding coyotes. It's the overabundance of rats. I don't go downtown to eat. No fucking way! Clean up the rats, then coyotes staking territory and defending it will go away. More coyote attacks in Stanley Park have been reported to the BC...
  2. petros

    Provincewide COVID-19 restrictions lifted in Sask.

    Masking no longer mandatory; limits on gathering sizes dropped Kendall Latimer · CBC News · Posted: Jul 11, 2021 2:00 AM CT | Last Updated: 6 hours ago An assortment of emotions ranging from unease and caution to excitement and joy have been bubbling up among Saskatchewanians anticipating life...
  3. petros

    Court overturns Bill Cosby sexual assault conviction, orders release

    Court overturns Bill Cosby sexual assault conviction, orders release The decision came after Cosby had served more than two years of a potential three- to 10-year sentence, following his 2018 conviction. Publishing date: Jun 30, 2021 • Last Updated 8 minutes ago • FILE - In this Sept. 24...
  4. petros

    The End of the Green Party?

    Does this make sense? The Green Party wants their black female leader to step down for not being antisemitic. WTF?
  5. petros

    For 2nd straight month, Sask. only province to see employment gains, lowest unemployment in country: StatsCan

    Saskatchewan was the only province in Canada to record an increase in employment for the second month in a row, according to Statistics Canada's labour force report for May. In total, the province added 4,100 jobs last month. According to the May report, released Friday, the number of people...
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    I went to a garage sale.

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    Massive divestment.

    When the New York State Pension Fund recently decided to pull the plug on its investments in Alberta's oilsands, one major player remained in its portfolio. The fund — the third largest public pension in the United States — said in December it would transition its financial portfolio to...
  8. petros

    A True Scumbag. Former Regina PPC Canidate Is Pimp

    There's the rub Regina businessman Trevor Wowk has organized protests of COVID-19 restrictions and run for office on a platform of family values. He also quietly runs a massage parlour in his home that offers sex for sale. By Geoff Leo May 2, 2021 A Saskatchewan man who promoted "traditional"...
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    Tweets can go here. Mention or link to the thread they relate to. Cheers!
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    No shit! CBC, you blew this one.. It's the pig farm.

    A decade into construction, Port Coquitlam development still trying to attract businesses. Jon Hernandez - CBC News Posted: 11 Hours Ago Nestled within a row of vacant storefronts, the Hive Climbing and Fitness club anchors a recently developed complex in Port Coquitlam. It's meant to be a...
  11. petros

    International Women's Day

    Thank you for being you.
  12. petros

    Jagmeets Big Adventure Coming Soon

    Join Jagmeet on his quest to find his stolen prized bicycle and the multitude of quirky characters that compliment his journey. I'm not sorry! Ahhh hahaha. Jagmeet Singh’s bike stolen in Ottawa NDP leader “heartbroken” at loss of favorite cruiser Photo by: Jagmeet Singh Instagram TERRY...
  13. petros

    Covid21 How are you spending your free time?

    I built this: Benches in the next day or two.
  14. petros

    Julie "Bitch" Payette Resigns

  15. petros

    Scientists say...

    Really? It might happen? In January of all months? Well shit.
  16. petros

    The Even Greater Depression?

    The Second Great Depression The coronavirus has triggered downturns in economies worldwide, poking holes in the pockets of indebted workers, businesses, and governments, thus setting in motion a domino effect that could soon topple the entire monetary system. Although the virus was the...
  17. petros

    Remembering the Time 10,000 Newfoundlanders Tried to Kill Their Prime Minister

    Hey man, you try living through spring in St. John’s without wanting to smash some shit. Drew Brown Vice It is really easy to hate on winter in Newfoundland, but I believe that spring is actually worse. You know what you're getting in winter: the endless cycle of freeze-thaw-freeze...
  18. petros

    Justin Trudeau's half-brother admits his views are at odds with PM

    Jesus' brother Bob. A staunch advocate for cryptocurrency and a self-styled anti-vaxxer, Justin Trudeau’s half-brother believes humanity is at a crossroads. In an online video summation, Kyle Kemper highlighted his contrasting world view. Kemper’s mother is Margaret Trudeau, who married her...
  19. petros

    Government quietly made 'back door' agreement with U.S. that could undermine treaty on plastic waste

    Campaigners, scientists say Trudeau government showed 'bad faith' by using loophole on plastic waste Evan Dyer - CBC News Posted: December 03, 2020 Filipino environmental activists wear a mock shipping container filled with garbage to symbolize the 50 containers of waste that were shipped...
  20. petros

    Creeping Around Online..

    Jagmeet Singh impresses AOC during ‘epic crossover’ video game livestream By Christopher Reynolds The Canadian Press Posted November 27, 2020 10:37 pm EST WATCH: Jagmeet Singh, AOC square off in video game livestream Jagmeet Singh committed a grisly slaying in front of Alexandria...