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    First worldwide survey of religion and science

    The study's results challenge longstanding assumptions about the science-faith interface. While it is commonly assumed that most scientists are atheists, the global perspective resulting from the study shows that this is simply not the case. Read more at: First worldwide survey of religion and...
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    Salicylic acid might aid fight against certain degenerative diseases

    Researchers at the Boyce Thompson Institute and John Hopkins University discovered that salicylic acid, the primary breakdown product of aspirin, binds to GAPDH, thereby stopping it from moving into a cell's nucleus, where it can trigger the cell's death. (GAPDH is an enzyme; MitoSciences...
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    RCMP wants warrantless access to Internet data of Canadians

    RCMP looking for warrantless access to Canadians’ Internet data - CJFE | Canadian Journalists for Free Expression Perhaps we need someone to keep us and our privacy safe from RCMP commissioners. hehehe
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    Does Canada Really Need The Monarchy?

    There are pros and cons concerning monarchies as there are about just about anything. Advantages and Disadvantages of Monarchy | OccupyTheory 19 Foremost Advantages and Disadvantages of Monarchy | Green Garage etc. Our monarchy does extremely little in governing. So what does it do? Not...
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    More from Brian Pallister

    I had to look this putz up to see what he was like and who he is and stuff. lol "Merry Christmas, infidel atheists." and in defense, "So I used a word that means what it means." Naw, really? Words mean what they mean? That is baloney, surely. "Look it up in the dictionary". Manitoba Tory leader...
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    Narcissists capable of Empathy?

    "Psychology research breakthrough suggests narcissists are capable of empathy Narcissists tend to lack empathy, which can cause problems for themselves, the people around them and society in general. But promising new research from the University of Surrey suggests narcissists do in fact...
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    Is there a need for change in our activities?

    I think so, and so do these people: How Much Is Left? The Limits of Earth's Resources, Made Interactive: Scientific American
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    It evades me. I like the thumps up/down gadget and I want one. But I can't seem to find a beta anywhere (not that I'd know one to see one).
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    ICBC Whatta buncha knotheads.

    VANCOUVER — The television ad showed a young man receiving a penis pump in the mail and, just as he was getting ready to use it, he is interrupted by his mother and two police officers. The voiceover message at the end of the ads: "Some things you don't want to get caught doing -- like...
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    Germany: 15% of its work done. Canada: still in REM sleep.

    Would you like to see a glimpse of the future? A few Canadians already have. And even General Motors is taking a second look at the future after dismissing it as a fantasy. Canada in general? Stumbling backwards into the future: The Gospel of Green - Video | CBC News: the fifth estate The...
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    Spotted something on the news while Les was watching eyelid movies. Apparently some guys are going to be bashing protons in that big accelerator in Switzerland again. This time they're going to see if they can find monopoles. Magnetic Monopoles Detected In A Real Magnet For The First Time This...
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    The "Bible Belts" in Canuckville

    There's one or two sources of hilarity in CanCon that refer to Alberta as the "Bible Belt" of Canada. I just thought I'd post the facts to dispel this myth. According to Stats Can (one of the sources of hilarity puts a lot of stock in stats even though he can't understand most of what they...
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    Religious want a voice in science classes again

    ... and try to excuse their views by calling it "critical thinking". Hilarious. Darwin Foes Add Warming to Targets -
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    Brian Irving still allowed to drive

    This is just unbelievable. I think the courts in BC are totally wacko. Accused driver 'sorry' for killing two in B.C. sushi restaurant
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    Google Threatens to Leave China

    China Stands By Censorship Policies As Google Threatens to Leave - Web Hosting Industry News | Daily Web Hosting News and Web Host Interviews" I hope they do leave. Maybe China will get off its butt and develop its own batch of search engines. lmao
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    Vanoc selling "authentic" Aboriginal goods

    What a bunch of sleazy jerks. Vanoc has a pile of merchandise labelled as "authentic" native goods in shops and the stuff isn't authentic nor is it even native. CBC News - British Columbia - Native artisan raps VANOC's 'authentic' aboriginal art What a bunch of pirating, rip-off artists. I...
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    Most BCers have lost confidence in the rcmp

    CTV British Columbia- Public opinion of the RCMP plummets in B.C. - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television Gee, I wonder why? Dziekansky's death at YVR? Robinson getting off with obstruction after his drunken killing of that kid in 2008? Robinson being put in charge at YVR after he'd...
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    I watched Koyaanisqatsi a little while ago on Knowledge. It's totally graphics and music..... and sad. Loved the music, though. Koyaanisqatsi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Leonard Cohen to get a lifetime achievement award at the Grammies in Jan.

    WOOT! I think that's just stupendous! Leonard Cohen to receive Lifetime Achievement Award from the Grammys About him: Leonard Cohen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Freedom seems to be realtive.

    I was just curious about what China meant when he said he was leaving the freedom of China and heading into the democracy of Oz. So I snooped a little in google and found this: But: Living Without Freedom in China - FPRI So who is more free, those that live in NorthAm, Oz, etc. or those...