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    PPC Surging in polls, threatening NDP for 3rd place

    I predicted that this would happen as soon as O’Toole was nominated leader of the CPC. As I’ve stated previously, as a social conservative, I cannot in good conscience vote for O’Toole. His personal views on gay marriage and abortion conflict with my own views and are in fact further to the...
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    Police investigate second shooting at same Montreal West Island house in nine days

    This is really sad. I recall back in my childhood days, the West Island was the safest place you could find. It was an ideal place to raise a family. The solution here is to overhaul our laws and provide stiffer penalties for gun related crimes. If longer prison terms isn’t a deterrent, then...
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    Legault describes EMSB as 'disconnected' and 'radical' after Bill 96 challenge details revealed

    I disagree with Legault! It’s not the EMSB school board that’s radical, but the CAQ for trying to deny basic fundamental rights to English speakers living in Quebec via bill 96. Legault just doesn’t get it. Fundamental human rights supersede any language rights. Always. The right to receive...
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    How long-standing mistrust of government is hurting vaccination efforts

    This article nails it spot on! My mistrust with the Quebec government is precisely the reason why my family and myself have not gotten the COVID vaccine. The government keeps preaching at me to go get vaccinated. This is the same government that wants to take away all of my fundamental rights...
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    With Bill C32, English speakers across Canada should think twice before voting Liberal

    Bill C-32 is a discriminatory piece of legislation introduced by the Liberals earlier this year. It essentially gives preferential treatment to French speaking communities across Canada with complete disregard for and at the expense of the English speaking community. The bill offers special...
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    Thousands gather in Montreal to voice displeasure at Quebec's proposed COVID-19 vaccine passport

    Things are looking up. It appears that the anti-vaccine, anti-passport movement is getting stronger each day. There are only so many rights one is willing to give up before they head out onto the streets to demonstrate. Segregating the population into two categories based on vaccination status...
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    Quebec launches another campaign urging people to get baccinstef

    The Quebec government can keep preaching to me and my family to get vaccinated till the cows come home. We are not getting vaccinated. Our major distrust with the government is the primary reason that we’re not getting vaccinated. How can we trust a government that is hell bent on taking away...
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    Quebec Launching Vaccine Lottery

    Good luck with that! Given my major distrust with the government, nothing they say or do will encourage me to get vaccinated. The governments (both provincial and Feds) treat English speakers in Quebec as second class citizens, so how can we trust them? Just look at Bills 96 and C-32...
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    Quebeckers apparently less fearful of COVID-19 than rest of Canada and U.S.

    I used “apparently” in the title above as I’m not convinced that it’s true. If Quebeckers are indeed less fearful than the rest of Canada or the U.S. when it comes to COVID-19, then why in blue blazes does Quebec still have forced mask mandates in indoor public places? Just look at the...
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    Trudeau and Joly throw English speaking Quebeckers under the bus

    Bill C-32 introduced by the Liberal Party makes French the official language of Quebec at the Federal level, yet does not make English the official language of BC, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan..etc)? Are English speakers delegated to second class citizens in Canada? This bill not only throws...
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    Proposed changes to Canadian Official Languages Act leaves Quebec's English speaking population out in the cold

    The Federal Liberals are literally throwing us under the bus. Many of us in Montreal speak no French. We were schooled entirely in English. I hope fellow English speaking Quebeckers voice their displeasure come Election Day. This policy change crosses the line. What about the right to be...
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    Legault pushing to allow larger crowds at Bell Center

    The government should definitely increase capacity at the Bell Center to at least 18,000 fans in order to allow for an even playing field. Otherwise, the Golden Knights have the clear advantage due to the significantly higher number of fans cheering them on. Quebec Government pushing to have...
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    Chris Christie slams Biden for allowing Canada COVID double standard

    The former New Jersey governor has a point. Biden is a weak leader. Former New Jersey Governor slams Biden for allowing Canada COVID double standard
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    Montreal police hand out 185 tickets in two days to drivers illegally using disabled parking spaces

    They’re lucky that all they’re getting is a ticket. I once witnessed a high end SUV that was illegally parked in a handicapped zone getting vandalized. Montreal police hand out 185 tickets in two days to drivers illegally using disabled parking spaces
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    The Gazette posts French only ads related to health and safety

    This one takes the cake. I was previously informed by the Gazette that my comments were no longer welcome as they don’t allow comments from those of us who have views that are right of center. Now they’ve gone completely over the top. They’re starting to post safety/health related messages...
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    Indoor Restaurant Dining Rooms to re-open in Montreal and Laval

    Finally! What took so long??? Some U.S. states had mask burning ceremonies and re-opened their restaurant dining rooms months ago. Why are we always behind with the times and playing second fiddle all the time? Indoor Restaurant Dining Rooms to re-open in Montreal and Laval
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    Dawson College in Montreal goes ahead with in-person exams, warns students that they will flunk if they don’t show up

    I agree that the College can and should ask students to show up in person to write their exams. That they can do and they can also flunk anyone who doesn’t show up. What they can’t do is flunk anyone who doesn’t wear a mask. Anyone can refuse you entry into a building if you refuse to wear a...
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    Time to Resurrect the Equality Party in Quebec

    With Legault’s new Bill 96, many of the rights that we enjoy now in Quebec would be lost. For instance, he would outlaw a current requirement that all judges in Quebec be bilingual. For those of us who don’t speak French (myself included), this would place us in a precarious and unjust situation...
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    New French Language Bill in Quebec violates fundamental rights

    It appears that individual rights will no longer apply in Quebec. They are being replaced with collective rights instead. I guess from this point on, the province will be known as “The People’s Republic of Quebec”. Democracy is no more. This is precisely the reason why I never bothered to...
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    Pelosi's archbishop calls for denying Communion to prominent Catholics supporting abortion rights

    Why does Miss Pelosi not give up her faith if she does not respect the teachings of the Catholic Church? What purpose does it serve her by pretending to be a Catholic, especially given that she is prohibited from receiving communion. Does she really want to be an outcast? Is she for real? I...