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  1. harrylee

    Something to think about

    A little Trudeau history Written by David Smith History - Something to think about In 1940 a young Pierre, son of a wealthy Quebec gas station owner began his political activism supporting the Quebec wing of the Marxist movement. He later changed his allegiance, joining the Quebec wing of the...
  2. harrylee

    Use it or lose it.......

    Here is an interesting tidbit I just saw on FB......Take it for what it's worth. "We will also work with municipalities within this program...
  3. harrylee

    Hmmmm....Maybe Justin was a bit hasty?

    PC in Nova Scotia with upset win. Maybe a trend here?
  4. harrylee

    Another mass shooting.

    Child among 4 dead in shooting at California office building
  5. harrylee

    Leaders debates

    This was the first debate that Mr Trudeau bothered to show up at, so I guess it's the first official one. I didn't watch as I don't speak French (guess I am a bad Canadian). What are your opinions, who won etc? Stuff like this is what we talk about here, rather than just insulting each other as...
  6. harrylee

    Green Party's Paul Manly wins B.C.'s Nanaimo-Ladysmith byelection Sick of TrustFund-eau......but not quite ready for Scheer?