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  1. Walter

    US 2020 Election Prediction

    President: Trump 340, Harris 198 Senate: GOP 52, Dem 48 House: GOP 225, Dem 210
  2. Walter

    CC site was inaccessible October 17/20

  3. Walter

    NBA Dying

    All time low viewership this year. Schadenfreude.
  4. Walter

    What will be 2020’s October surprise?

    On the pro-Trump side it will be the Durham report.
  5. Walter

    Rnc 2020

    The RNC’s first night was a polished and uplifting home run
  6. Walter

    Pros and Cons of Mail-in Voting

    Michigan Rejects 846 Mail-In Ballots From Dead Voters Good on Michigan.
  7. Walter

    Trump at 1,300 days plus

    At 1,400 days we’ll all be celebrating Trump’s re-election.
  8. Walter

    The Church of Woke

    A&E Viewership Takes Nosedive In Aftermath Of ‘Live PD’ Cancellation Love the feeling of Schadenfreude.
  9. Walter

    Obamagate, Biggest Scandal In US History

    Inside the Media's Desperate Cover-Up of 'Obamagate' How does Watergate differ from Obamagate? Journalists led the charge to uncover the first. But now? Now journalists are leading the coverup of the second...
  10. Walter

    Trump at 1,200 days plus

    These next hundred days will set Trump up for a big re-election in November. MAGA
  11. Walter

    End the Lockdown

    Going To Work Cannot Be More Dangerous Than Going To The Grocery Store...
  12. Walter

    Lent 2020

    Lent 2020 has begun. I’ll be sacrificing my love of alcohol for the next few weeks as my Lenten discipline. Enjoy yer sacrifice.
  13. Walter

    Trump at 1,100 Days Plus

    Trump has achieved more good for the USA in the first three years of his term than any other POTI achieved in their first three years.
  14. Walter

    Happy Birthday to Sir John A. Macdonald

    Canada's greatest PM.
  15. Walter

    Trump World - 2020

    Trump Is Remaking the Federal Judiciary at a Historic Rate MAGA
  16. Walter

    2020 Deaths of Notables

    Another year to keep track of deaths of notables. Ave atque vale.
  17. Walter

    Eric Ciaramella, the Whistleblower

    The Radicalizing of Eric Ciaramella The one whose name is not spoken.
  18. Walter

    Trump at 1,000 days plus

    The energizer POTUS keeps on MakingAmericaGreatAgain.
  19. Walter

    WWII Started 80 years ago today

    A sad anniversary.
  20. Walter

    The Hate-Filled Left

    Left-Wing Institutions Mainstreaming Hatred A few examples of the hateful prog reactions and the moral conservative reactions to events.