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  1. taxslave

    The Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

    The guilty trying to deflect blame.
  2. taxslave

    It's Climate Change I tell'ya!! IT'S CLIMATE CHANGE!!

    Looks like the climate change in much of the world is not the same as the climate change happening in Canaduh.
  3. taxslave

    Retired general Jonathan Vance thought he was 'untouchable,'

    What happens when you don't renew your libtard membership.
  4. taxslave

    Americans, fear God and be fair with the Palestinian People

    The Palestinian people are not the problem. It is the religious thugs that control the country that are the problem.
  5. taxslave

    WE really need to get rid of this guy

    More important is the number of city jobs provided by resource communities with the need for supplies and technology. Or even for transportation.
  6. taxslave

    WE really need to get rid of this guy

    Yeah, tired of politicians telling us what their party is going to do to us instead of telling the party what we expect.
  7. taxslave

    The Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

    The fact they were financing the experiments?
  8. taxslave

    Toronto councillors vote to rename Dundas St.

    Toronto, like Vancouver and Calgary need to find some politicians with brains.
  9. taxslave

    WE really need to get rid of this guy

    We have a bus. It stops about 2k from joining up with the bus from Courtenay. Different Regional District so obviously no one needs to go there.
  10. taxslave

    WE really need to get rid of this guy

    None of those goods are going to be produced in the city if the government prevents the supplying of raw material. But most citiots can't figure that out. We have city people making rules on farming and logging that have never seen a cow shit in real life, or know what caulk boots are.
  11. taxslave

    Strange chessboard is developing for the federal election

    Not likely to get extremists to convert to good government anyway. The object is to get the middle of the road to not believe the leftist dogma that is costing us so much money in interest payments and making our grandkids pay for the excesses of today.
  12. taxslave

    Canada: Delta virus variant 'growing rapidly' in Ontario

    The only people I know of that follow Alex Jones are leftards like flossy. But, the guy must be right fairly often or the left would not be so triggered by him.
  13. taxslave

    Abolish Canada's armed forces

    In total? or airworthy?
  14. taxslave

    Abolish Canada's armed forces

    Which means the loony left will be all over it.
  15. taxslave

    Quebec Launching Vaccine Lottery

    Funny how kweebek always has different rules than Canada.
  16. taxslave

    Porn Star August Ames Bullied By Twitter Takes her Own Life

    Wouldn't even have made the back page of the local paper if she hadn't been a porn star.
  17. taxslave

    Black Lives Matter-Ugliness of Racism.

    I'm offended that someone would think the RCMP would be racist. Can I have my $10million now?
  18. taxslave

    Canada's New Governor General Designate

    That is largely because the government does not believe in promoting on merit, or even seniority. Connections and being the flavour of the day is most important.
  19. taxslave

    Jamaica Seeks Reparations for Slavery from Britain

    So I guess the US government owes me big time for forcing my ancestors to leave the East coast and huddle in that mud pit called in Missouri. CLM( Cherokee Lives Matter)
  20. taxslave

    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    Reads like something the extremists that don't believe in facts would come up with.