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  1. White_Unifier

    Time to recognize the Republic of China as the legitimate government of China?

    Time to recognize the Republic of China (i.e. the government-in-exile presently established in Taipei) as the legitimate government of China?
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    Canada needs a Ministry of Policy Harmonization

    Right now, governments step on the gas peddle and the brake peddle at the same time and the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. To take a few examples. The government raises a carbon tax to reduce fuel consumption but then wants to subsidise the car industry and tourism to...
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    Anatomical anomaly: Trump claims the kidney ‘has a special place in the heart’ Must be inherited from the revolutionaries who stormed the airports.
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    Brits beg for money on the streets of Indonesia. It seems as if the UK's poor are really struggling.
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    Florida Woman Charged After Turning Over Husband’s Guns Following His Domestic Violen If there are reasonable grounds to believe that the spouse may be abusive, why not take away his right to bear arms at least temporarily. Even if the alleged victim might be...
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    Should an accused party have the right to an inquisitorial trial on request?

    I have read a number of immigration hearing transcripts in the past and given how both immigration and criminal courts use the adversarial system, I'll assume that some of my observations are transferable. At immigration hearings, it sometimes happens that the counsel for the foreign...
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    Trudeau's dress sense

    I've found some of Trudeau's clothing choices leaving much to be desired. That said, he does often know how to dress sharply. Now fair enough, he's got the money for a tailor and who knows, maybe someone else dresses him. Either way though, he does know how to wear a suit.
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    Canada's jobless rate drops to 5.4%, lowest level in 43 years Good! Now let's start paying off the debt already!
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    Canada's economy adds 106,500 jobs, most in a month since 1976 Of course it's all debt financed. Now let's start paying the debt already!
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    Canada should re-establish relations with Russian Federation.

    Canada should just call on Russia to call a either a UN-observed or Canada-observed referendum in Crimea. If the majority vote to remain in Russia, then Canada should re-establish economic relations with the Russian Federation:
  11. White_Unifier

    Replace the Charter!

    Canada should replace the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. I know some will criticize the Covenant as a far-right conservative throuwback; but if you read it, you'll see that it's nothing of the sort. While it might appear as a...
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    The danger of debt addiction

    Whenever the the economy runs into a minor recession, the government can certainly feel tempted to increase spending. Of course in this government's case, even a slowdown in groth will prompt it to increse spending. And therein lies the problem. The market adjusts to government spending. If the...
  13. White_Unifier

    Trudeau defends actions as Philpott asks if Wilson-Raybould was sidelined over SNC-La "My sense is that Canadians would like to know the whole story," she told journalist Paul Wells. "I believe we actually owe it to Canadians as politicians to ensure that they have the truth. They need to have confidence in...
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    Legalize tasers!

    The government should allow anyone with a clean police record (unless prohibited by a judge for a valid reason) who passes a taser course to receive a life-long taser licence (unless revoked by a judge for a valid reason) that would allow him to buy a taser just by showing his licence to the...
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    Referendum on USMCA?

    I'd be in favour with two options on the ballot: 1. Join the USMCA. 2. Adopt unilateral global free trade within seventy years with steps to be taken in that direction with five. Yes, I know that second option gives the government a wide scope of interpretation. Within five years would still...
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    Budget 2019 will create 'lifelong learning' accounts: sources This is decades overdue. Now the question is how to make it sustainable in the long run. The government should slash all unnecessary spending to redirect some of it towards this. As good an idea as this is though, it...
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    Trade deficits surge to record highs in U.S., Canada 'Both countries buying more from rest of world while selling less than ever before' Canada and the US engage in a trade war and by doing so, we both lose to the rest of the world. Who woulda thunk it possible?
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    Canadian companies moving south to avoid US tariffs. I couldn't find this in English, sorry. Anyway, as I'd said at the start: Canada cannot win a trade war with the US. The US has ten times our population. Given our...
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    Trudeau says 'erosion of trust,' bad communications sparked SNC-Lavalin controversy I still believe Jody Wilson-Raybould's version of events; but to be fair, I'll acknowledge that the PM's is plausible even if not easy to believe, so I'll give him the benefit of the dobut on that. Even if we give him the benefit...
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    Contradictions in Butts' testimony may mean Wilson-Raybould testifies again

    Contradictions in Butts' testimony may mean Wilson-Raybould testifies again: former diplomat Now that it's become a she-said-he-said, unless one side can present stronger proof of the truth of their claims, it could become a draw with no real way to know the truth. For some reason, I still...