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    Cancel Culture

    Unreal. People really need to grow a effing skin.
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    Our cooling world

    lol Again, people shouldn't listen to politicians, others with invested interests in one or another aspects of the issue, their next door neighbour's pet parrot, etc. and it's really quite silly to base pne's opinions upon a "I wannit to be sunny so the weather is sunny (or snowy or whatever)"...
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    Our cooling world

    Damn globe was freezing this morning when I got up at 0530. It was -4. So much for climate change, huh?
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    Our cooling world

    Perhaps all these should be amalgamated under "weather reports, hosted by Pete". lol
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    Ikea forced to apologize for its jerk chicken cultural appropriation

    geeez I wish people would get a grip and quit being so sensitive. And it's really stupid to be sensitive on behalf of other people. "... political correctness is a paradoxical amalgam of postmodernism, which originated as a form of philosophy and literary criticism, and Marxism or neo-Marxism."...