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  1. Spade

    Sandhill Cranes

    For the past several weeks, Prairie residents have welcomed the spring migration of sandhill cranes on their way to northern wetlands in Canada, Alaska, and western Siberia. The large flocks wheel searching for thermals, then continue north. Their stuccato call truly marks the arrival of...
  2. Spade

    Goldie's Spirit Goes to Heaven in Spirit River

    Alberta boy’s heartbreaking goodbye to dead goldfish goes viral | Oh, the humanity!
  3. Spade

    Mix Oxgall, Wine, Garlic and Leeks to Cure What Ails You

    Medieval potion kills antibiotic-resistant MRSA superbugs - Technology & Science - CBC News Anyone have extra oxgall you'd sell me? Flagellating with stinging nettle helps cure the rhumatiz, but oxgall may be easier on one's hide.
  4. Spade

    No One Whittles Anymore

    Everyone had a jack knife. When we weren't making whistles from the willow branches along the river, we were whittling strips from sticks we would pick up in the vacant lots. It was great fun - high culture for us prairie boys. But, sadly, no one whittles anymore. Why? Maybe it's immigration...
  5. Spade

    Sainthood Process Opened for Karl Marx

    Vatican City Just weeks after official announcement of the beatification of murdered Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero, the Vatican has reportedly given a green light for the beginning of the sainthood process for another social-justice advocate known for radically calling on the church to...
  6. Spade

    Joni Mitchell in Intensive Care

    Joni Mitchell in 'intensive care' in Los Angeles hospital - BBC News
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    Will the Dalai Lama Reincarnate?

    Be honest, have you grown tired of the three Abrahamic religions arguing which one is Gawd's answer to the credulous? I know I have. So, with your indulgence, let's focus on a religion without a Big Gee - Tibetan Buddhism. Right now, His Holiness, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama is dispensing...
  8. Spade

    Flying cars to take off in 2017

    Flying car will go on sale in 2017, Aeromobil says - Technology & Science - CBC News I want one. Spade PS Should I get insurance?
  9. Spade

    British Mums Furious Over French Cartoon - Suis-je Charlie?

    British mums are livid over nudity in a French children's television cartoon. Yep, there are breasts. BIG BREASTS. It is not as though British children haven't seen breasts, but mum's the word. And, usually those breasts are discreetly veiled. No veil, then reviled! If Gawd wished children...
  10. Spade

    Buy a Fixer-upper in Detroit for $500 USD

    I know this is not as good as it sounds, after all, $500 USD is over $625 CDN. But think about it, you could have that American hideaway for the price of 100 Big Macs with fries. And, Detroit is an NHL contender. Having to talk American is not that difficult. $500 US Detroit homes may be no...
  11. Spade

    Hundreds of Fairies Dwell in a Woods by Somerset, England

    The fairies have become a nuisance. They are everywhere! Authorities have had to call in Fairy Control. Children, however, do not see it as a problem. Hundreds of fairy doors have appeared in woods and nobody knows who put them there - Mirror Online By the way, just how tall is Blackleaf...
  12. Spade

    A Rain of Alien Nuclear Weapons Wiped Out Martian Civilisation

    Breaking News! A highly esteemed scientist, a Dr. John Brandenburg, armed with a theory developed over time though discussions with the late Carl Sagan, reveals evidence of nuclear-armed aliens having destoyed Martian civilisation. Is this a portent of Earth's future? Nuclear War Killed...
  13. Spade

    Does the Government Know What Sex Is?

    If there are going to be laws against sex, shouln't we know what "sex" is? Should the government define what sex is? - Politics - CBC News Don't ask me, I'm not an adolescent boy. Any ideas out there in the aether? Help out our legislators. I hesitate to do this, but it appears no North...
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    Alien from Planet Zoltron Attacks Police Cruiser

    Man attacks police cruiser with pipe - Video - CBC Player It's beginning. The war of the worlds. Are you prepared?
  15. Spade

    What's Good for the Goose...

    Goose attack leaves Ottawa cyclist shaken and scarred - Ottawa - CBC News Goosed but wiser!
  16. Spade

    Granny Gives Prince William a Chopper for his 32nd

    And it only cost $11 million. Prince William gets $11M helicopter from Queen on his birthday - World - CBC News Is it for the possibility the Royal Family will have evacuate from the roof of Buckingham Palace when the Republicans invade? A whoppa-whoppa gift for the prince who doesn't have...
  17. Spade

    Aether Island Solstice Party

    You are cordially invited to the Aether Island Solstice Party 6:51 am EDT on June 21 Bring pots to bang and wooden spoons Dress is optional RSVP Summer solstice: celebrating the longest day of the year - Canada - CBC News
  18. Spade

    Desmond Tutu Addresses Climate Change

    Desmond Tutu urges Canada to address climate change 'powderkeg' - Edmonton - CBC News Speaking truth to power...
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    Viral Video - View from Bus

    Surrey bus attack: driver defends actions - British Columbia - CBC News That's BC for you. Surly in Surrey
  20. Spade

    To Boldly Go!

    Patrick Stewart appeals for right to ‘die with dignity’ | Thoughts?