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  1. 55Mercury

    COVID-19 'Pandemic'
  2. 55Mercury

    Conservatives reveal their plan to keep the carbon tax

    I doubt man could in a 100 years match the daily ghg output of all the Earth's crevices and naturally occurring forest fires. yet the blinkered greenie movement persists like a yappy mutt. the tool has just platformed himself and his party into irrelevancy.
  3. 55Mercury

    'Royal hillfort' revealed by Dunkeld citizen science project

    lol@invasive rhododendrons
  4. 55Mercury

    Nancy Pelosi says ‘I’m A Street Fighter’ 😂😂

    she's as full of sh!t as the rest of dem broads
  5. 55Mercury

    Well that was entertaining!

    maybe you should ask your antifa and blm buddies
  6. 55Mercury

    Trudeau Is Going To Bury Us In Debt

    sad that nothing short of a bloody revolution is ever going to change any of this.
  7. 55Mercury

    Where is Kamala??

    who really gaf where the stunned CLINT is?
  8. 55Mercury

    Minnesota: Protests after man shot by police dies

    Good luck on the left getting everyone to give up their guns after emasculating the police.
  9. 55Mercury

    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    A plea for a modicum of sanity in this world may be asking a bit too much: there are enough "sniveling shit-weasels" in politics. when will we ever see a return to responsible proper leadership? fuck all the fear mongering sniveling shit weasels we have now, and their chicken little minions...
  10. 55Mercury

    Quantum Mechanics, the Mind-Body Problem and Negative Theology

    mind over matter if you don't mind, it don't matter! :?P
  11. 55Mercury

    #BidenLied - buyer's remorse sets in

    geez there's something ya can't unsee
  12. 55Mercury

    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    I agree all dem broads should be hobbled.
  13. 55Mercury

    #BidenLied - buyer's remorse sets in

    Wasn't Kamala's shuffling into the position an invitation to Jackson to step down anyway? I doubt dem hos could get along for a minute away from a camera. lol
  14. 55Mercury

    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    I feel much safer now, thank you.
  15. 55Mercury

    RIP to Prince Philip

    they best open the pubs now!
  16. 55Mercury

    Nfl 2020

    This has to be FAKE NEWS; the victims aren't black and the killer isn't white!!! But let's just see how the woke bullsh!t media spins this.
  17. 55Mercury

    It's the sport of turning chimps into chumps.

    I'm sure you won't be deceived too, as you are most likely the site owner or representative of the link you posted, and as every gambler knows or soon finds out, the house always wins! And so I would advise anyone NOT to click on your link. toodles
  18. 55Mercury

    It's the sport of turning chimps into chumps.

    Thanks for your input Kligan, and welcome to the asylum! Yes, it definitely is a trap for the great majority of addicts. And what price freedom, eh? As the song says, ♫ freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose ♪ And yes, I can truly say "I'm free". There are also plenty of...
  19. 55Mercury

    Muons: 'Strong' evidence found for a new force of nature

    lol the strong force and the weak force sounds like something al hillybilly would say. So the force of nature that makes one say, "What could I do? She had the pussy!" ... is that the strong force or the weak force?