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  1. Corduroy

    pilot sees ufo

    Maybe it was the Space Force.
  2. Corduroy

    December 2017 Federal Byelections

    Bonavista–Burin–Trinity in Newfoundland, last held by Liberal Judy Foote. Scarborough–Agincourt in Ontario, last held by Liberal Arnold Chan. Battlefords–Lloydminster in Saskatchewan, last held by Conservative Gerry Ritz. South Surrey–White Rock in B.C., last held by Conservative Dianne Watts...
  3. Corduroy

    Chrisy Clark resigns as BC Liberal leader

    Former premier Christy Clark is stepping down as leader of the B.C. Liberal Party effective Aug. 4, and is leaving politics. "Serving as premier and serving the people of British Columbia for the past six and a half years has been an incredible honour and privilege," Clark said in a...
  4. Corduroy

    Obama preparing to send opponents to FEMA camps

    It's finally happening. I'm going to be honest. I thought the idea that Obama was planning to send his opponents to concentration camps was ridiculous. It was all that sort of scrambled brain Danbones nonsense about pizza and Jewish space lizards or some shit. But after reading about Obama's...
  5. Corduroy

    Canadian values test would be on liberal values A whopping 84 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement, “New immigrants to Canada should be screened to ensure they share Canadian values.” Almost 50 per cent “strongly” agreed. That’s...
  6. Corduroy

    New Zealand river granted same legal rights as a person

    A river in New Zealand has become the first in the world to be granted the same legal rights as a person. The New Zealand parliament passed the bill recognising the Whanganui River, in North Island, as a living entity. Long revered by New Zealand's Maori people, the river's interests will now...
  7. Corduroy

    NDP leadership race

    Perennial bridesmaid, never the bride, the New Democratic Party is also having a leadership race. Few have noticed because the NDP don't have headline grabbing egomaniacs and racists running. Current candidates include: BC MP Peter Julian Ontario MP Charlie Angus Quebec MP Guy Charon...
  8. Corduroy

    Canadian bacon

    Fake news.
  9. Corduroy

    Hilary Duff apologizes for insensitive Halloween costume

    Have you people never seen a naked body before? That woman is almost completely covered.
  10. Corduroy

    US fast food chain in Malaysia told to change hot dog name

    We exorcised those demons last year.
  11. Corduroy

    US fast food chain in Malaysia told to change hot dog name

    And hiss and spit and chase you off. I went to visit my grandparents years ago and was chased off the lawn by a Canada goose outside their condo. I'm convinced it was the ghost of some cranky senior that lived in the building. Those cranky seniors be always yelling at us to get off their lawn...
  12. Corduroy

    US fast food chain in Malaysia told to change hot dog name

    Canadian ghosts become demons and possess Canada geese.
  13. Corduroy

    US fast food chain in Malaysia told to change hot dog name

    Everyone knows ghosts can't cross bodies of water. British ghosts are stuck in Britain because it's an island.
  14. Corduroy

    US fast food chain in Malaysia told to change hot dog name

    Only ghosts will feet can make footsteps. Head ghosts can't. It's basic science. Your friend is a drunken liar.
  15. Corduroy

    US fast food chain in Malaysia told to change hot dog name

    How does a ghost head make footsteps? Now if you described it as a ghostly rolling then I'd believe you.
  16. Corduroy

    US fast food chain in Malaysia told to change hot dog name

    I wonder if Malaysia headlines read: "Western babies freak out because we changed the word for hot dog!" It's going to be OK guys. Put the cluster bomb down.
  17. Corduroy

    Independent candidate Evan McMullin surges in Utah

    As Trump stumbles, why Evan McMullin could win in Utah - Evan McMullin, ex-CIA officer and current independent presidential candidate, has stayed largely off the media radar since announcing his candidacy in August. But the conservative former Republican policy chief in the...
  18. Corduroy

    Canada / China Extradition Treaty

    Justin Trudeau is defending his decision to negotiate a controversial extradition treaty with China, arguing a deal would offer Canada higher-level relations with Beijing – part of closer ties he says have yielded advances on matters such as Canadians in distress. The Prime Minister said...
  19. Corduroy

    Youth voter turnout spiked 18% in last federal election

    The number of young Canadians who voted in October increased by an astounding 18 per cent in the last federal election, new data from Elections Canada shows. The agency released new official figures from the 2015 federal election Wednesday. Overall, voter turnout was a comparatively healthy...
  20. Corduroy

    Are military attacks on civilians sometimes justified?

    Gallup has released the results of a global study that measure, among other things, regional views of military violence against civilians. *** Americans and Canadians Are Most Likely to Say Military Attacks on Civilians Are Sometimes Justified While the majority of world citizens agree that...