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  1. Sparrow

    Better late than never

    Sorry I was not around to wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I spend my time at the hospital with my hubby, he was there from Dec. 17 until Jan. 2 when we took him out against doctor's wishes. They were supposed to build him up because he was weak but they did...
  2. Sparrow

    Canada finally returning a 149yr. old gift from the US

    It’s about time, after all. Just over 140 years ago, a man named Samuel Walking Coyote did something that arguably changed the course of history: he captured and raised several bison calves in Montana. It might not sound like much, but that move may have helped save the species...
  3. Sparrow

    The case of the abducted culture

    Our spirit has been hijacked. Our culture is being abducted right from under us in the name of tolerance, accommodation and inclusion. We fear being accused of Islamophobia. The case of the abducted culture These are only a few quotes of this article, however this is somewhat of what feel...
  4. Sparrow

    Inconsistent radar testing

    Canadian speeders might be getting measured differently, depending on where they're caught, CBC News has found. Police forces using the same radar equipment have different testing routines. The finding throws into question the validity of millions of fines, demerit points and higher...
  5. Sparrow

    Need your input on the Deep Net

    I am a very curious person and this Deep Net peeks it a lot. I am not a computer expert so I want your advise as to whether I should try to take a look or not. What I would like to know is the danger, am not interested in the Dark Net but is there a difference. Am not looking for trouble just...
  6. Sparrow

    Privacy watchdogs say anti-terrorism bill unduly exposes personal info

    By Jim Bronskill The Canadian Press OTTAWA – The scope of the Conservative government’s anti-terrorism bill is “clearly excessive” and puts the personal information of Canadians at risk, the federal privacy commissioner warns. n a submission to the House of Commons public safety committee...
  7. Sparrow

    Egypt president says need growing for joint Arab force Have been looking for this kind of reaction from the Arab countries.
  8. Sparrow

    German reporter imbeded with ISIS

    Reporter who spent ten days with ISIS says the West 'has no concept' of how dangerous the group is and says they want to 'kill all non-believers and enslave their children' Read more: Reporter Jürgen Todenhöfer, says the West 'has no concept' of how dangerous ISIS is | Daily Mail Online...
  9. Sparrow

    Date Square with Bourbon? Rum?

    Sorry for the late reply. I think it was the Christmas pudding.
  10. Sparrow

    Confessions of a Climate Change Denier

    I always have because it has been going on since the beginning of earth. I also believe there are things that we can do to improve on some points, but don't put the complete weight of climate change on our shoulders.
  11. Sparrow

    The Cholesterol Theory is a Total Scam!

    In the last few decades "The Cholesterol Theory" has contributed significantly to deteriorating health throughout the world. The cholesterol theory – also called the Lipid (fat) Hypothesis – is the belief that high blood cholesterol promotes atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and...
  12. Sparrow

    Microbeads in cleansing products contaminating the Great Lakes

    Microbeads in cleansing products contaminating the Great Lakes - Toronto | This pollution is the one that worries me, these are microbeads but there is a lot more that industry in putting in our food, and all the products we use. They are also putting more pollution into the...
  13. Sparrow

    First U.S. Krokodil case recorded by doctors: 'Cannibal heroin' hits St. Louis Read

    A flesh-eating drug that is popular in Russia and more deadly than heroin has reached St. Louis, with doctors confirming a case in the American Journal of Medicine. Doctors at St Mary's Heath Center have come forward with the story of a patient they treated in December 2012. The 30-year-old...
  14. Sparrow

    Family considers killing 10-year-old daughter after mullah rapes her in Afghanistan m

    It was bad enough that the alleged rape took place in the sanctity of a mosque and that the accused man was a mullah who invoked the familiar defence that it had been consensual sex. But the victim was only 10 years old. And there was more: The authorities said her family members openly...
  15. Sparrow

    We have till September 2015 before we all die

    How many times has the end of the world been announced since let say the last 50 years? The worse is there are people who believe them.
  16. Sparrow

    Report warns pancake syrups in U.S. may cause cancer

    American pancake and waffle lovers who consume large quantities of syrup containing caramel colour may be putting themselves at a higher risk of developing cancer, a new report reveals. Caramel colour is often used to give imitation maple syrups in the U.S. their amber hue common in more...
  17. Sparrow

    Date Square with Bourbon? Rum?

    My mother used to make a wicked Xmas fruit cake with rum, also made her plum pudding with rum. They were not both delicious but could be kept for a long time if needed.
  18. Sparrow

    Supposedly iradicated diseases

    Not too long ago there was a discussion about vaccines, but I could'n find it so here we go again. Many people think that many diseases we have not see for a long time are gone, well read this: [B] This is why vaccines are important.
  19. Sparrow

    Annual mammograms don't cut rate of breast cancer deaths: Canadian study Read more:

    Annual mammograms don’t appear to reduce breast cancer death rates in middle-aged women compared to simple regular physical exams, concludes a huge new Canadian study that brings into questions whether such screenings are helpful. The study, which tracked close to 90,000 women, found that...
  20. Sparrow

    Butter is back

    Tried margarine but didn't like the taste so stayed with butter. I keep some in the freeze, one in the frig and a small container on the counter for toast in the morning. Did you know that butter is better for you than margarie because margarine blocks the production of the good colestoral...