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  1. Vanni Fucci

    Who should be allowed access to your medical records?

    In another thread, I started up this discussion, and I decided to move it to it's own thread, because it had nothing to do with the thread it was started in, and I find it rather interesting. It's not nearly as clear cut as I had thought, or as cut and dried as my opponents in that debate...
  2. Vanni Fucci

    Climate-change scepticism must be 'treated', says enviro-sociologist

    Polar bears have been humiliated enough with those stupid Coke commercials...I think we should start in on the penguins next... I for one would kill for a pair of emperor penguin slippers man!
  3. Vanni Fucci

    Climate-change scepticism must be 'treated', says enviro-sociologist

    Ok, but make sure it's made out of recycled materials...;)
  4. Vanni Fucci

    Witchcraft Technology

    While your worldview is no more looney than someone who, say, believes that supplication and transcendental commune will persuade their deity of choice to take an active interest in their pissing and moaning, I think that you'd do better to lay aside the superstitious nonsense and look at the...
  5. Vanni Fucci

    Leaked: Bin Laden not ‘with the fishes’

    Leaked: Bin Laden not Well at least it doesn't say he's still alive, but why all the bait and switch BS I wonders...
  6. Vanni Fucci

    Veterans consider suing MP accused of dozing off

    Veterans consider suing MP accused of dozing off - Nova Scotia - CBC News Good to know that those that went to war to fight for our freedoms are held by our government with as much contempt as the rest of us...
  7. Vanni Fucci

    How Conservatives Feel About Torture

    CSIS OK'd to share data despite torture risk - Canada - CBC News Looks like Toews likes to leave the door open for extraordinary rendition...
  8. Vanni Fucci

    'Time to set scientists free'

    'Time to set scientists free': prominent journal slams federal government - Winnipeg Free Press "The journal, Nature, says in an editorial in this week's issue that it is time for the Canadian government to set its scientists free. It notes that Canada and the United States have undergone role...
  9. Vanni Fucci

    Google defies EU data protection policy and launches anyway

    Google defies law to implement new privacy policy — RT
  10. Vanni Fucci

    Happy Birthday 6391401250671!

    Hope you have a good one! :occasion6:
  11. Vanni Fucci

    Millions of birds could die from oilsands development

    Millions of birds could die from oilsands development: report This should be explored more thoroughly, I'm thinking, as it could affect bird populations globally...not a happy thought...
  12. Vanni Fucci

    Flaherty to Slash Public Funding for Federal Parties

    CTV News Net What happened to our democracy?
  13. Vanni Fucci

    Global Warming ‘Greatest Scam in History’

    $10,000 for insulation for 2300 sq ft building, 2 inch thick on roof and walls sounds reasonable to me...
  14. Vanni Fucci

    Global Warming ‘Greatest Scam in History’

    No insulation??? What a wonder his gas bill was 2000 a month... Well thanks to this article, I won't using solar power to heat any uninsulated, metal roof, 2300 sq ft brick buildings any time soon...:roll:
  15. Vanni Fucci

    Hi Andem

    I'd have replied to your PM, but it seems I'm not able to reply to, or create PMs. Also, how do you delete your own post after it's been saved? By the way, I love the new forum format...:thumbright:
  16. Vanni Fucci

    Death knell for AGW

    From Erik the Viking:
  17. Vanni Fucci

    This Just In...

    Raising the Issue of Impeachment
  18. Vanni Fucci

    Prime Minister Forever

    Found this on the CBC website...haven't played yet, but it looks interesting... Just download and install, and seize the reins of power...
  19. Vanni Fucci

    Hussein/Al Qaeda Collusion a Fabrication

    A CIA report casts new doubt on links between Iraq and al Qaeda. I don't quite get this. I thought that Zarqawi only joined al Qaeda after the start of the Fallujah offensive in mid-October of last year...there was a big deal about him pledging allegiance to Bin Laden, and Bin Laden in turn...