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  1. Nick Danger

    Air Canada Bailout

    There's a lot of stuff on the table for this topic. Air Canada received the largest amount of government pandemic aid of all publicly traded companies in Canada, but continues to cut flights and lay off employees, and showing no progress on dealing with refunds for flights cancelled due to the...
  2. Nick Danger

    Phasers on stunned...

    It's life Jim, but not as we know it... Star Trek inspired licence plate deemed offensive in Manitoba | CTV News
  3. Nick Danger

    Bugs the heck out of me...

    Of the six infinity stones the Soul Gem is the only one we haven't seen yet, and there aren't even any hints as to when it will show up. Bugs the heck out of me. Walter, you must have a theory on this...
  4. Nick Danger

    Environmental Activism Stagnating Our Economy

    http:// A very interesting read on how indiscriminate blanket opposition for expansion in the Oil & Gas industry is hindering Canada's economic recovery. I think it's as plain as the noses on our faces that the days of burning...
  5. Nick Danger

    "Journalistic Integrity", the dumbing down of modern media

    "Oxford Dictionaries has chosen "post truth" as its international word of the year. It defines the word as an adjective "relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief"" -from an...
  6. Nick Danger

    Fort McMurray under seige... Fort McMurray neighbourhood given evacuation order as wildfire nears.
  7. Nick Danger

    National Energy Board gives conditional approval to Enbridge Line 3 expansion

    National Energy Board gives conditional approval to Line 3 replacement pipeline | Financial Post This is going to be interesting. The next step in this process is to gain approval from the Liberal government. Now I believe that the Libs understand the economic benefits of increasing our oil...
  8. Nick Danger

    NDP call for action against income inequality

    I just got a postcard in the mail today inviting a reply on whether or not I support the "NDP's call for action to reduce income inequality". Not a peep on what the nature of that action would be, so I'm not going to commit to support the call without that import bit of info. But that's not my...
  9. Nick Danger

    Vancouver School Board reminds students that 4/20 is not a day off.

    Now this made me laugh. Such is life on the left coast...
  10. Nick Danger

    Ezra Cuts a Deal... Quits the bar to avoid getting disbarred? Weasel.
  11. Nick Danger

    2016 Academy Awards

    Tonight's Oscars are being heralded as one the more competitive years in recent history, with a number of neck-and-neck races going on. Three front runners for Best Picture are "The Big Short", "Spotlight" and "The Revenant". I've seen the first two and agree that they are both excellent...
  12. Nick Danger

    Bernard the Roughneck

    Bernard The Roughneck - The Rebel This guy is a breath of fresh air, not the usual partisan rhetoric you'd expect from The Rebel. Down-to-earth, articulate and straight to the point. well worth watching.
  13. Nick Danger

    BC's Site C Dam Project

    David Suzuki, Chief Stewart Phillip and First Nations draw line in the snow against Site C | Vancouver Observer Send in the clowns...
  14. Nick Danger

    Bluetooth Speakers

    I have a lengthy road trip in my near future, moving a car from Fort McMurray to Phoenix. The car is nice enough, but technologically dated in that it's equipped with a radio that doesn't work and a cassette deck. Figuring that music is a must-have for a trip of this length I headed off to...
  15. Nick Danger

    Quickest route south

    I'm going to be driving from Fort McMurray to Phoenix, Arizona next month and someone mentioned that staying on the secondary highways to the east of Edmonton and Calgary can actually shave some time off the trip to the border. Can anyone comment on this?
  16. Nick Danger

    Mac OS vs. Windows

    I'm wondering, from a user's point of view, is the Mac operating system a marked departure from Windows? Would someone brought up on windows be at all challenged to switch to a Mac overnight?
  17. Nick Danger

    Timmies Ft. McMurray

    Watching a thread on another forum it was mentioned that due to the comparatively high wages predominant in the Ft. McMurray area and a shortage of entry level labour in town that Employees at Tim Horton's are paid as much as twice what their counterparts down south earn. Can anybody tell me if...
  18. Nick Danger

    Bill Vander Zalm and Chemtrails ?

    Bill Vander Zalm former premiere of British Columbia very concerned about CHEMTRAILS sends letter to canadian politicans I'm wondering if this is a hoax or if there is any truth to this article. There is scattered talk of this letter among Chemtrail aficionados but I have yet to see it...
  19. Nick Danger

    Pacific Rim

    Just took this one in this afternoon and I was pleasantly impressed. I had heard that it was just eye candy, the usual Hollywood formula parade of special effects and explosions but in fact it does have a fairly decent story-line to it. No profound spiritual revelation by any means, after all...
  20. Nick Danger

    A Metaphorical God

    What if the Bible was never meant to be taken as an accurate historical account ? I see a major complaint against the Christian faiths is their inability/unwillingness to coexist with what is accepted as current scientific fact, the creation vs. evolution debate. Would not taking a...