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    Donald Trump says the election will be rigged.

    I am not sure what Donald Trump is saying, and I m not sure (along with a lot of Americans) when he says the election will be rigged. Is he telling the Americans that only the Democrats are smart enough to vote twice, mail in votes from deceased voters, mail in votes from friends that do not...
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    Uber Drivers win court decision on being Employees

    I see on the news that Uber drivers have won a right to have them be declared as Employees vs what some consider them to be Contractors. lets get some input on what others think that these drivers face in the future.
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    The world is getting crazy on changing the past!

    [FONT="Arial"] I see that the world is getting crazy on things from the past as in they are insisting that monuments and statues be removed, along with name changes on certain items, because the person being remembered was not doing what they think is right today. OK, lets get a movement going...
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    Federal NDP are reported to be insolvent by about 4 million

    If the above caption is true, is this an indication of how the NDP will govern Canada if they get elected? I think the statement says the they will spend a whole tonne of DEBT, (not money) as the government does not have any money to spend. How can the government allow them to run s a...
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    Brexit - What are each side trying to convey in the Brexit government?

    [FONT="Arial"] I have been trying to find links on the internet to find out what is in the Governments plan for their exit from the European Union. Having said that, what is the opposition's problem with governments plan? Is the problem because the opposition has to oppose the government, no...