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    Jagmeets Big Adventure Coming Soon

    Join Jagmeet on his quest to find his stolen prized bicycle and the multitude of quirky characters that compliment his journey. I'm not sorry! Ahhh hahaha. Jagmeet Singh’s bike stolen in Ottawa NDP leader “heartbroken” at loss of favorite cruiser Photo by: Jagmeet Singh Instagram TERRY...
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    Covid21 How are you spending your free time?

    I built this: Benches in the next day or two.
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    Julie "Bitch" Payette Resigns

  4. petros

    Scientists say...

    Really? It might happen? In January of all months? Well shit.
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    The Even Greater Depression?

    The Second Great Depression The coronavirus has triggered downturns in economies worldwide, poking holes in the pockets of indebted workers, businesses, and governments, thus setting in motion a domino effect that could soon topple the entire monetary system. Although the virus was the...
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    Remembering the Time 10,000 Newfoundlanders Tried to Kill Their Prime Minister

    Hey man, you try living through spring in St. John’s without wanting to smash some shit. Drew Brown Vice It is really easy to hate on winter in Newfoundland, but I believe that spring is actually worse. You know what you're getting in winter: the endless cycle of freeze-thaw-freeze...
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    Justin Trudeau's half-brother admits his views are at odds with PM

    Jesus' brother Bob. A staunch advocate for cryptocurrency and a self-styled anti-vaxxer, Justin Trudeau’s half-brother believes humanity is at a crossroads. In an online video summation, Kyle Kemper highlighted his contrasting world view. Kemper’s mother is Margaret Trudeau, who married her...
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    Government quietly made 'back door' agreement with U.S. that could undermine treaty on plastic waste

    Campaigners, scientists say Trudeau government showed 'bad faith' by using loophole on plastic waste Evan Dyer - CBC News Posted: December 03, 2020 Filipino environmental activists wear a mock shipping container filled with garbage to symbolize the 50 containers of waste that were shipped...
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    Creeping Around Online..

    Jagmeet Singh impresses AOC during ‘epic crossover’ video game livestream By Christopher Reynolds The Canadian Press Posted November 27, 2020 10:37 pm EST WATCH: Jagmeet Singh, AOC square off in video game livestream Jagmeet Singh committed a grisly slaying in front of Alexandria...
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    CFL 2021

    CFL unveils 2021 schedule, Ticats-Bombers to open season The CFL released its 2021 schedule Friday, and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will face the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the opening game of the regular season. The 2019 Grey Cup rematch will take place Thursday, June 10. The preseason kicks off...
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    Adapt To The New World Order, Says Stephen Harper

    Globalization foes are just getting started, but free traders can thrive if they adapt. He was enthusiastically welcomed as the prime minister who scrapped the wheat board, earning a standing ovation before the first word of his keynote address. But Stephen Harper had his eyes on an even bigger...
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    Alberta police banned from carding, given new rules for street checks

    Thursday, November 19, 2020 11:16AM MSTLast Updated Thursday, November 19, 2020 6:27PM MS EDMONTON -- Effective immediately, police in Alberta will no longer be able to ‘card’ members of the public, and must submit data on their use of street...
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    Charging A Tesla More Expensive Than Filling A Car With Gas

    NOV 16, 2020 BY MICHAEL BUTLER ELECTRIC VEHICLES / 44 COMMENTS So much for electricity being cheaper than gasoline. The age of the electric car is upon us, and with it comes the promise of vehicles that won't harm the environment, while being cheaper to run than traditional gas-powered...
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    China, Russia and Saudi Arabia set to join UN human rights council

    Oh? Good! It couldnt happen to better nations. China, Russia, Cuba, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are expected to be elected to the board of the UN human rights council on Tuesday, leaving human rights campaigners in the countries aghast and pleading with EU states to commit to withholding their...
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    Throne Speech...

    What will we here from the house today?
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    Potential sign of alien life detected on inhospitable Venus

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists said on Monday they have detected in the harshly acidic clouds of Venus a gas called phosphine that indicates microbes may inhabit Earth's inhospitable neighbor, a tantalizing sign of potential life beyond Earth. The researchers did not discover actual life...
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    The New Cold War

    Noticed it yet? China may dump U.S. Treasuries as Sino-U.S. tensions flare: Global Times (Reuters) - China may gradually cut its holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds and notes, in light of rising tensions between Beijing and Washington, state-backed newspaper Global Times cited experts as saying...
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    7.9 Percent

    As economic recovery continues amid the coronavirus pandemic, Saskatchewan has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Job numbers released by Statistics Canada Friday show Saskatchewan’s jobless rate at 7.9 per cent for August. Among the provinces, close behind are Manitoba at 8.1 per...
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    White US professor admits she has pretended to be Black for years

    A seasoned activist and professor of African American history at George Washington University has been pretending to be Black for years, despite actually being a white woman from Kansas City. In a case eerily reminiscent to Rachel Dolezal, Jessica A Krug took financial support from cultural...
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    Did Democrats Sacrifice Several Goats To Satan At The DNC?

    Fact Check: FALSE. They Actually Sacrificed Just One Goat. There is a lot...