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    OMG, Canadian attacks UK!!

    Goose that is.... This is horrific, like 9/11.....a nation under attack!
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    Russia Deploys Missile, Violating Treaty

    Wonder what kind of Cubanish Missle crisis these two cooked up while whooping it up in Dubai or some such fabulous place. http://
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    Sandusky jr. facing child sex soliciting charges

    I hate to say this isn`t exactly shocking. http://
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    Jack White Blues Fest 2011 - Could it be?

    Now this isn't confirmed, but there's some rumours going around that Jack White is playing blues fest this year - either with Wanda Jackson or some such other indie-ish band that I don't really like, but will put up with in order to fullfill my 'i'm-your-number-one-fan' obligations. I'll keep...
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    Jack and Wanda

    Check it out, I know not all share my love for everything Jack, but if you enjoyed Wanda Jackson, you'll like this and even if you don't.... well watch it anyway! :D YouTube - Wanda Jackson feat. Jack White 'Thunder On The Mountain' OFFICIAL HD VIDEO
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    Another anit-gay republican caught - sort of

    He just needed a companion....suuuurrrrreeee. Not the greatest source, but there is a link to his web site where he addresses the allegations. George Rekers, Christian Right Leader, Denies Gay Prostitution Allegation - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
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    Sack-i-doo, I forgot all about these guys. When I was a kid, my little boyfriend and I used to argue over who was the better drummer - Lars Ulrich or Rob Reiner. Rob's still got it. For cripes sake, I remember the album cover with the bums. Very Inspiring, too. YouTube - ANVIL! THE STORY...
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    The Creative Class 101

    This guy is dead on with some of his economic analysis, but his solutions are a bit nutty. Here he is on the hour. I like George what's his name, good waste of 13min. Video
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    A new kind of economic indicator

    I'm so tired of this quasi-guru, and his stupid "Creative Class'. Anyway, another one of his consultation 'templates'. Read the rest here: McKinsey: What Matters: A new kind of economic indicator
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    Cindy Sheehan

    Does anyone think all the fuss she made influenced recruitment PR? I've noticed the commercials are slightly different now, showing mother and son discussing things, a lot less gung-ho do your duty etc.
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    On a lighter notw

    No mention of necks. Ohhh, how I love a nicely tanned neck. :lol: 7 Traits Of Irresistible Men We're not going to lie. A man boasting...
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    OMG, I'm going to DIE!

    Jack White is coming to town and we've set a wedding date for Sunday, July 19th, 2009. Are you coming Nugs? No open bar, but they might let you on stage! :lol: Anyone else take or took in blues fes? OMG. I"M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Gramsci, Sesame Street, and Thomas

    I know it's dated, but man, what was this person smoking. :lol: I guess indoctrination and organizing constent comes in many forms, but still - lol. A Canadian Lefty in Occupied Land: Gramsci, Sesame Street, and Thomas
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    Grey Gardens

    Jessica Lang and Drew Barrymore. I thought it might be a little slow given the majority of the movie involves two women and their bizarre mother/daughter relationship and horrific living conditions ie: tree growing through the walls of the hosue, lots of cats, raccoons and garbage - aunt/cousin...
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    Chris McCandles- Into the Wilde

    I have not seen the movie and no nothing about this guy, other than what was written here. As you may already know, interesting story, crazy kid! Continued here: Into The Wild - The Story of Chris McCandless by Jon Krakauer | Outside Online does anyone recommend the movie?
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    Tortiere: Why Christmas

    I know, it's massed produced and can be eaten and bought 365 days a year, but what I want to know is: Why is it a Christmas Tradition? When did it start being associated with Christmas. I know it was served as meal after Christmas Mass, but who started doing this and why? I guess it was the...
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    Plumb tasteless!

    [B] At the end, some doofus goes on to defend the tastelessness of Canadian food by saying 'we like it'. :lol: Listen to interview here: 'Plumb tasteless!' - CBC Archives
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    Anyone proficient with Filezilla? I'm having some problems. :-(
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    Why I'm Selling My Virginity

    Eeesh. 3.8 million? Continued here: Why I'm Selling My Virginity - The Daily Beast
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    Canadian Author Slams Native Culture

    My favorite part bolded. Very Ann Coulterish in it's shock and entertainment value. Visit by author who slammed aboriginal culture angers Winnipeggers