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  1. gopher

    Women's World Cup Soccer!

    FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015? - Canada will be the host nation for the 2015 WWC which starts tomorrow. What are your predictions? USA roster: FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015? - Looking good!
  2. gopher

    Happy Birthday USA!

    A glorious Fourth of July to all my fellow Yanks and all who love the USA!
  3. gopher

    Happy Canada Day 2014!

    Canada Day 2014 In 2014 Canada Day is Tuesday, July 1. Canada day in 2014 is on a Tuesday - will you take Monday off? Many people have asked if they can simply "swap" Canada Day this year so it's on Monday instead: no you cannot. If you work for a small business then you may be able to...
  4. gopher

    Wall St. ends best year since 1990s

    Wall St. ends best year since 1990s - Thank you Mr Obama Wall St. ends best year since 1990s with moderate gains | Reuters Stocks closed out their best year in more than 15 on Tuesday, with major indexes advancing throughout 2013 on the back of the Federal Reserve's massive stimulus...
  5. gopher

    Quit Picking On Romney

    Our right wing forum friends are convinced Romney is going to be your next president. If so he will add much to his long set of guffaws such as the laughable bungling he has done this week. Let's start with this gem: Mitt Romney Embassy Attack Comments Backfire - YouTube As right winger...
  6. gopher

    Holy Week Greetings ...

    Backyard rodents bring you Happy Easter greetings...
  7. gopher

    Hank Williams: Obama ''Enemy''

    On Fox & Friends, Hank Williams Jr. Compares Obama Playing Golf With Boehner To "Hitler Playing Golf With Netanyahu" Williams Then Calls Obama And Biden "The Enemy" On Fox & Friends , Hank Williams Jr. Compares Obama Playing Golf With Boehner To...
  8. gopher

    Ayn Rand - Right Wing Hypocrite

    The name Ayn Rand has been associated for many years with the idea of rugged individualism, hard work, success, conservatism, Republicanism, and now the Tea Baggers. Each of these groups regarded her as the goddess of truth, integrity, and as the inspiration for their ''wholesome'' idealism...
  9. gopher

    The Warning

    Frontline: The Warning The Warning | FRONTLINE | PBS Video Brooksley Born warned about the menace of de-regulation in the securities business but her words were ignored resulting in the financial crisis under Bush. Many fought her tooth and nail. Afterwards, many of critics regretted their...
  10. gopher

    Study Finds Political Views Linked to Brain Structure

    Study Finds Political Views Linked to Brain... | Gather Have your political views been predetermined by your brain structure or has your brain structure changed as a result of your views? Is it possible that you were born with right or left leanings? A fascinating new study...
  11. gopher

    Happy canada day!!

    ... To each of you from gopherland!
  12. gopher

    Democratically Elected President Is Ousted By Fascists In Honduras {reg required} ''President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was ousted by the army on Sunday, capping months of tensions over his efforts to lift presidential term limits. In the first military coup in...
  13. gopher

    Racist Anti-Obama Cartoon From NY Post

    NY Post cartoon of dead chimpanzee stirs outrage | National news | - Houston Chronicle quote: ''A New York Post cartoon that some have interpreted as comparing President Barack Obama to a violent chimpanzee gunned down by police drew outrage Wednesday from civil rights...
  14. gopher

    Happy Fourth of July!!!

    Happy Birthday USA!!!
  15. gopher

    It's July 1 ...

    Happy Canada Day one + all!
  16. gopher

    Political Repression In New Orleans

    Violent protests over housing erupt in New Orleans Protests against a City Council plan to tear down low-income New Orleans housing turned ugly Thursday, with police using pepper spray and stun guns to clear a crowd angry they weren't allowed into City Hall for the vote...
  17. gopher

    Don Chevrier, RIP

    As a huge sports fan, I have admired the great work of many outstanding sports reporters. In my opinion, Don Chevrier ranked among the very best: Few reporters had the ability to cross over into so many sports and...
  18. gopher

    Al Gore Receives Nobel Peace Prize Al Gore received his Nobel Peace Prize on Monday and urged the United States and China to make the boldest moves on climate change or "stand accountable before history for their failure to act." "We, the human species, are...
  19. gopher

    Bush Ally Defeated

    John Howard who is often called ''Bonsai'' has been defeated in Australia: The new government of Kevin Rudd opposes Bush's war of imperialism in Iraq and has vowed to move out all Australian troops. A huge victory for Labor and...
  20. gopher

    Impending War On Iran

    Lieberman-Kyl’s Iran amendment passes. The US Senate votes 76-22 to approve of this idiotic measure to authorize military action against Iran when it is only too clear that the majority of the American public is tired of Bush's wars and threats...