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    Anyone know about Alberta oil sands jobs?

    I'm trying to save up money for school (I need almost $40000) and right now I'm working at Canadian Tire. The money I make there is basically pocket change (It's pretty bad when $1200 a month is pocket change). I was talking to a few people and they have some family and friends who work up there...
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    Summer Movie Reviews

    I thought this would be a great thread, so that we could all debate what the best movie of this summer was. My favorite was Transformers, by far. Not to mention the girl in the movie, Megan Fox, is a total babe. Guys, google her, and bring a paper towel. :lol: Spiderman 3 was a massive...
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    Its been a long time!

    Wow! Its been a long time since I last logged in. Apparently since April 3. I don't recognize alot of the names. Are some of the old members still here?
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    Left, Center, Right

    I need someone to explain this whole political wing thing to me. I sort of get it, but I need someone to help me out.
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    Have you thought about it

    I sat down last night and thought about GWB and the war in Iraq. People have suggested, including myself, that there were no WMDs in Iraq and GWB invaded Iraq for its oil. Well, have you ever thought that GWB actually believed that Saddam possesed WMDs? Did you ever think that GWB invaded Iraq...
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    NYC bomb plot

    One person has been charged and two more are in custody in an international investigation into an alleged plot to bomb a tunnel between Manhattan and New Jersey, the FBI and security officials said Friday. When asked whether the investigation had a Canadian connection, FBI spokesman Mark...
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    1st Anniversary of 7/7

    Tomorrow, July 7th, is the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks in London, England. 56 people died and hundreds were injured. May the dead rest in peace. :(
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    Google Mail

    I heard Google is now an e-mail provider. Its called Google Mail or G-Mail. I want to ask, how is it? Is it similar to Yahoo! and Hotmail? Because if its good, I'll switch from Yahoo! to Google.
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    North Korean missile tests could threaten Canada: Harper

    Canadians should be concerned about North Korea's mssile testing, Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned after meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush. "Missiles that are fired in the direction of the United States constitute a threat to Canada." Harper said. Hours earlier, North Korea...
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    Coalition Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

    A U.S.-led coalition soldier and 10 suspected Taliban militants died in the latest clashes to roil southern and eastern Afghanistan, while security was tightened in Kabul after a series of bombings, officials said Thursday. The attacks have raised fears that Taliban militants are bringing...
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    Kenneth Lay dead

    Kenneth Lay, the disgraced founder of Enron, has died. In May, he was found on charges of fraud and conspiracy. Ken Lay, the disgraced founder of Enron Corp. who was convicted in May on charges of fraud and conspiracy, has died. He was scheduled to be sentenced in October. Lay, who was 64, died...
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    Another round of "Ralph Bucks"?

    Alberta Premier Ralph Klein is considering giving Albertans another round of "Ralph Bucks". Klein said he wants to at least consider giving some of the province's wealth back to Albertans. In January, the Alberta government sent $400 cheques to every person in the province. The program costed...
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    I've got an idea

    I've noticed around the forums that there seems to be alot of people beginning arguments with the Administrators and Moderators about them deleting material they feel are inappropriate. Well, I've got an idea. Why don't the Administrators and Moderators be put under different names? For...
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    BSE found in Manitoba

    Test results have confirmed a case of BSE or mad-cow disease in Manitoba. The animal is at least 15 years old, which means that it was born before bans were imposed on the type of feed associated with BSE. Investigators are working to locate the animal's birth farm, which will help identify...
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    Canada Day means GST cut

    Today, Canada Day, is when the Conservative government's 1% reduction to the GST comes into effect. The GST is now at 6%. Now this is my question. Does anyone think they are going to notice a difference?
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    Microsoft's new OS will kill you finacially

    Microsoft is apparently set to release its long awaited and continuously delayed operating system, Windows Vista, in January 2007. This week they released the system requirements and most people are either going to have to upgrade their current PC or buy a new one. Here are the minimum system...
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    Oil to gasoline

    How much gasoline can be made from one barrel of oil? I tried looking it up on Wikipedia, but I couldn't find it.
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    We need to pull our troops out of Afghanistan NOW!!!!!

    We have to pull our troops out of Afghanistan RIGHT NOW!!!!! We have a large amount of soldiers in Afghanistan helping the Afghanis, but who is here to protect us? Who would be here to help keep order and protect Canadians if those terrorists went forward with their plans? We need to pull our...
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    Capital punishment issue should be revived

    The capial punishment issue should be revived. All child molesters, rapists, people with child pornography, etc. should be executed. Along with murderers. All of these sickos should be executed. And this is one thing I would like to see Stephen Harper bring up. What's your opinion on capital...
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    How long will this government last?

    How long will this government last? I don't think its going to last too much longer. I think it will probably fall shortly after the Liberals choose a new leader. How long do you think its going to last?