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    People going hungry: Risen 35% in several decades

    Global leaders have made little progress on a 10-year-old plan to combat world hunger, with an estimated 820 million people still going hungry, a UN report warned Monday. CBC News To meet the goal, the number of undernourished people in the world would have had to decrease by about 31...
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    Power to the People: Oaxaca, Niger Delta, Palestine and Nicaragua

    So to shout out support for the people is a good way to get a discussion going: Oaxaca; Where student protestors, leftists and unions fight in this Meixco province of roughly 1.6 million people to ensure the governor resigns for his right-wing anti-democratic movings, his support for...
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    Colonization what is it?? Especially in a Canadian concept; Is it continuing in Canada? How would you define such a concept. Do you believe yourself as a colonizer??
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    Hate Crimes in America and Canada

    A Muslim cleric in Montreal was allegedly asked by a knife-carrying man if he wanted to "die a martyr," say police who suspect it was a hate crime. Imam Said Jazeri said he and a friend were leaving a mosque on Friday night when a man with a butcher's knife approached them. Imam Said Jazeri...
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    Israeli Untouched War Crime Qana 1996

    The shelling of Qana took place on April 18, 1996 in Qana, a village located southeast of Tyre, in Southern Lebanon, when Israeli artillery, returning fire against Hezbollah forces in the area, hit a UN compound in the village. Around 800 Lebanese civilians had taken refuge there to escape the...
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    Alright class, today’s lesson is about the letters CIDA. What do they stand for? Now, many of you already know this so bear with me, because apparently there are still some who are a little lost on the subject. Yes, that means you people in the PMO, at Foreign Affairs, and yes, all you good...
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    International fraud

    This is an e-mail I have just received. FROM THE DESK OF MR MOUKANDAT AFINI MANAGER AUDIT AND ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT INTERNATIONAL BANK OF AFRICA ( I.B.A). I am Mr. Moukandat Afini, Manager Audit Accounting Department International bank of Africa (I.B.A). I would like to know if this...
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    U.S is happy with Wheatboard downfall

    WINNIPEG — U.S. trade officials said yesterday they are encouraged by the Conservative government's plans to end the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly on export sales. The development came at the same time as Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl announced he would hold a plebiscite on the future of...
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    NDP have won with Clean Air Act

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has told Parliament Wednesday he will take the Clean Air Act to a committee before its second reading, paving the way for opposition parties to amend the act that was almost universally panned last month. Denying the Conservatives had been in “a stand-off” with the...
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    Latest Reputation

    What is this new feature with regards to latest reputation. I have 12 points, can I cash them in somewhere? Is it for monitors or someone else because it seems cool.
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    Mandela praises Botha

    JOHANNESBURG (AFP) - The leaders of the new multi-racial South Africa have paid generous tribute to former enemy P.W. Botha, crediting him with a role in the downfall of apartheid and offering him a state funeral. The passing of Botha, who died in his sleep on Tuesday night at his home in the...
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    Trouble for Fascist Leader in Britain BNP

    LEEDS, England (AFP) - Far-right British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin returned to court for re-trial on race hate charges, sparking stormy scenes between supporters and protestors. The jury was sworn in at Leeds Crown Court, northern England, where the 46-year-old faced charges of...
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    Viking Hoard found in Sweden

    STOCKHOLM (AFP) - Swedish experts have confirmed the finding of over 1,000 Viking-era silver coins after their chance discovery by two brothers on the Swedish island of Gotland. The treasure was believed to have been buried in the 10th century and weighed about 3 kilos (7 pounds), local curator...
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    Florida lawmaker resigns over racism

    HIALEAH, Fla. - A state lawmaker under fire for leaving a message filled with obscenities and a racial slur on a colleague's voice mail resigned Wednesday from the Florida Legislature. State Rep. Ralph Arza had been urged to step down by fellow House Republicans and by Gov. Jeb Bush. In a news...
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    Canada can use Catalonia example

    BARCELONA, SPAIN — It has been five months since Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero made the highly controversial move of having the independence-minded region of Catalonia declared a "nation." The result this week has been turmoil for the region's once-proud separatist...
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    Immigration will increase in Canada for 2007 and beyond

    Ottawa has increased its annual immigration target to the highest level in 25 years, and aims to accept between 240,000 and 265,000 newcomers in 2007 -- human capital needed to fill Canada's "extraordinary" labour market requirements, Immigration Minister Monte Solberg says. Mr. Solberg also...
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    Government may fall Thursday in NDP non-confidence

    So the government may fall if they do not change from their position on their horrible plan they put out in Vancouver. They make the claim that everything is suppose to start in 2007 however looking at it, they are suppose to start looking into regulations only in 2008, when they are out of...
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    NDP: Green House Plan

    NDP leader Jack Layton tabled a private member's bill Tuesday that he says will allow Canadians to see action on climate change within their lifetime. If the NDP bill passes, it would call for the rapid regulation of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. “The Prime Minister's Clean Air Act is dead...
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    Mine Accident that killed 4 had no oxygen atmosphere

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - An accident that killed four people at a decommissioned mine in Western Canada in May was "unprecedented" in the history of mining, according to a government investigation released on Monday. The victims, including two paramedics, died after they...
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    Control over North West passage

    So who really controlls the North-west passage. And this isn't for a national debate but logically based on the evidence on the ground; Canada or the World? It seems the last two U.S ambassadors don't agree.