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  1. MagnoliaApples

    Deadly Saddam Game

    This is terrible!! Moroccan boy latest victim of deadly Saddam game By Tom Pfeiffer RABAT (Reuters) - A Moroccan man returned home to find his 11-year-old son hanging dead from the ceiling, a newspaper said on Thursday, the latest victim of a macabre game in which children mimic the death...
  2. MagnoliaApples

    Western Values : What are they?

    I've been reading peoples posts saying that they believe in their 'western values' and that other people who come into this country should abandon their own customs and values to comply to those of Western society but yet they never give examples of what they are? So i am asking : What are...
  3. MagnoliaApples

    An Inconvenient Truth

    I saw An Inconvenient Truth yesterday. I wasn't necessarily surprised with what i saw. I think it's a good thing that Gore made this documentary. However, i came away from it feeling kinda helpless because, after hearing everything that was said, who's going to stop the major money-maker...
  4. MagnoliaApples

    Troops In Afghanistan

    Hello people, I need to know if Canada is in Afghanistan because Afghanistan asked for our help or if it's because Bush wanted us to join him in his fight on terrorism. I was having a debate with a friend of mine and the answer to this question would really change things. I thought that...
  5. MagnoliaApples

    What happened to Forum Games?

    Hello All, I've been away for a couple of weeks and I noticed that the Forum Games are missing. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what happened with that? 'Cause they sure were a whole lot of fun. Thanks MA
  6. MagnoliaApples

    Should Hosts Be Responsible For Guests Drinking Driving ?

    There's this interesting article about parties and drinking and driving. Top court to rule whether hosts are liable for drunk driving of party guest Sun Apr 30, 01:17 PM EST OTTAWA (CP) - Here's something to ponder before you throw your next house party, family reunion or birthday bash: If...
  7. MagnoliaApples

    This is just sick!

    Has anyone heard about the Edmonton case about a guy named Craig Chuckman who was aquitted in a chat luring case? The guy was 32 and he was using the internet to link up with a 12 year old girl from Ontario through one of those chat sites. He told her he was 17 and she told him she was 13 and...
  8. MagnoliaApples

    Posting Pictures

    I want to play Image Wars but i can't because i don't know how to post pictures. I can add them as attachments but they don't have the same quality as the full on pics and end up rather small. Can anyone explane how to do this?
  9. MagnoliaApples

    Canadian troops in Afganistan

    There is an interesting article today on the Canadian Content web page called 'Sorry Mr. Prime Minister, Afganistan is not our war' By John Chuckman Sunday March 26, 2006 We are not threatened by voices in the Middle East opposing American policy, unless you believe one reference in a...