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    Liberal Leadership (The Long Long Melodrama)

    Well, so far the following persons have joined the Liberal leadership race: Stéphane Dion (Montreal) Martha Hall Findlay (Toronto) John Godfrey (Toronto) Michael Ignatieff (Toronto) Gerard Kennedy (Toronto) Clifford Blais (Montreal) These other people have been hinted to be possible runners by...
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    Manning possibly going to run for Alberta Tory leadership

    Here's an excerpt from an article taken from I was wondering who could possibly make a good replacement for Raplph, and I gotta say I was glad to hear Preston Manning is considering it. Alberta may be doing good and have all the resources, but I think Ralph Klein's leadership should...
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    Canada cuts aid to Palestinians

    Canada just announced they will be cutting aid to the Palestinian authority. However, they will still give aid through the United Nations to the Palestinian people themselves. I thought this article was interesting because it kind of showed this new Conservative government in action. I still...