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    Ontario government to hold onto 51% of hydro one

    Ontario to retain control of Hydro One By RICHARD MACKIE Globe and Mail Update Toronto — The Ontario government will retain control of Hydro One, Premier Ernie Eves announced Wednesday in reversing one of the major policies of former premier Mike Harris. Mr. Eves told reporters at Queen's...
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    Korea vs. USA - worldcup

    Did anyone finish watching the Korea vs. USA game last night? I went to sleep 10 minutes or so before it ended, but i know korea was going strong near the end, was around when it was 1-1.
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    Rogers help

    I have rogers hi-speed internet, and im pondering uncapping it or making it just a bit faster. Speeds get VERY slow sometimes and i really need a bit faster, seeing as im paying for it at $45.00 per month. Please, help!
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    btw, vincent_2002, you need help

    Spamming these forums!
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    Avatars are so cool!!!

    I love this forums.... you guys have some wicked avatars... Goto profile > Bottom of page, select your avatar and away you go!
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    Online auction sites?

    hey :) Im new around here... And i'd like to know if anybody has a good site they can recommend for online auctions... I like ebay, and the size of it's marketplace, but I'm always getting outbid at outrageous prices.. I'm mainly looking for computer parts like video cards. Any help is...
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    Better Internet Browser

    Hey there everyone. I'm new to this area, but I found a really nice browser to use as an alternative to Internet Explorer or Netscape. As you may know, Internet Explorer, past and present versions, have security holes all over it. Not to mention the slow loading speeds of Netscape. A good...