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  1. J_Hay

    The View of a Non-Believer ~ DogmaCURE

    We got scared - YouTube Give this a look see and reply :D Also, for the sake of all things :D The Greatest Speech Ever Made - YouTube
  2. J_Hay

    My monstrous PC

    Well, to put it simply, this beast should have died ages ago, Specs are as follows. E-Machine Unknown motherboard 756mb DDR1 Ram Nvidia 8400Gx 130gb SCSI HDD Belkin Wireless G Adapter( "Borrowed" Internet <3) Win XP/Ubuntu 10.04? Dual-booted DVD-Writer(internal) DVD-Writer(External) Floppy...
  3. J_Hay

    Whats better Amd Dual-core or Pentium D?

    im trying to figure out which is better for a LAN party pc ? any help would be lovely ^^
  4. J_Hay

    Seriously Buddhism

    I know alot of people know that Buddhism isnt involved with god-worshipping .. but this is for the uneducated fools that think Buddha is a god..he isnt ..he is a man whom i base my principles on and appreciate as a role model.. thank you for listening.;-)
  5. J_Hay

    What do youth really need to tell the government?

    I know ...I know .this is probably a waste of time.. but youth need to get their opinions heard by the big bosses and c.e.o.s we should have a part in society that values our opinions... I do realise that alot of problems arise from teens and gangs... but we can only deal with that when the...