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  1. dekhqonbacha

    please help ... with laptops

    Today, I was looking at laptops and the more I was learning the more I was getting confused. So, I decided to come to forums to know more things about them. I will post some question, if you answers to any of them, it will be really helpfull. About the pricing, it range from $600 to $2000...
  2. dekhqonbacha

    ‘Star shade’ that casts light on space

    London • The search for life on other planets could be transformed by launching a huge “star shade” into space, allowing a telescope to see Earth-like worlds orbiting distant stars. The plastic, daisy-shaped shield, 50 metres (165ft) in diameter, would be used to block the light from stars...
  3. dekhqonbacha

    Iraq: Russian Diplomats Confirmed Dead

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has confirmed the deaths of the employees of the Russian embassy in Baghdad who were kidnapped by the Mujahedeen Shura Council terrorist group. Moscow has demanded that Iraqi authorities and the coalition forces command “make every effort so that not one of the...
  4. dekhqonbacha

    Iraq and French connections

    France has long had a special relationship with Iraq France has historically been Iraq's best friend in the West. The special relationship began three decades ago, when General de Gaulle cultivated Arab countries in the wake of the 1967 war in the Middle East. This policy was seen by Paris as a...
  5. dekhqonbacha

    Alonso wins Canadian Grand Prix

    Reigning Formula One champion Fernando Alonso of Spain won the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal on Sunday. It was the Renault driver's fourth straight victory and extended his lead atop the points standings. Alonso won by 2.1 seconds over Germany's Michael Schumacher of Ferrari in the 70-lap...
  6. dekhqonbacha

    what do you eat when you watch sports?

    coffee and cigarettes.
  7. dekhqonbacha

    Côte d'Ivoire or Ivory Coast

    Why the country is called in English Côte d'Ivoire, even though there is a specific English name for it?
  8. dekhqonbacha

    French in Canada?

    Canada is oficially bilingual country. Federal governement works in both language in every province. But provinces have their own official languages. Right??? When you call 911 in BC or Alberta or in any other western provinces do they answer in French as well? I'm being precautionary. In...
  9. dekhqonbacha

    Hamas gunman killed, security chief wounded in clash

    GAZA, June 14 (Reuters) - A Hamas gunman was killed and a senior Palestinian security official from a force loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas was wounded in Gaza on Wednesday in violence that could further inflame internal tensions. Security sources said the gunman was shot dead after he and...
  10. dekhqonbacha

    What is Übergod?

    What or Who is Übergod? Thanks.
  11. dekhqonbacha

    Rogers pay-as-you-go

    I activated pay-as-you-go with rogers. Basically, how does this work? card expires 30 days later, if all minutes are not used is it possible to extand it to next month? does the internet work with pay-as-you-go? if yes what are the rates? does it calculate minute, or seconds of talk? like if...
  12. dekhqonbacha

    How Old Are You?

    Do you know how old is the person you debate sometimes with? Some people talk about their children, some others about their grandchildren, while others are the "children" and "grandchildren." Have you ever noticed this? Tell us how old are you. If it's not a secret of course :wink:
  13. dekhqonbacha

    What Do You Think About It?

    Recently, someone told me that if all the available technology in the Western World were in Africa, african people would be better off. What do you think about it? I find it ridiculous. Hard work, I think, has made rich people richer.