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  1. Kreskin

    Ex-Raptor Danny Green robbed in Vancouver

    Looks like they booked some nasty Eastside house through airbnb. Turned their backs and got stuff lifted. Too bad Kawhi didn't come out too. He'd of got some homegrown Vancouver hospitality...
  2. Kreskin

    Disneyland Fight

    It's all in the family at the happiest place on Earth.
  3. Kreskin

    Arctic Fox trek from Norway to Canada Arctic fox astounds scientists by trekking 2,176 miles in 76 days — from Norway to Canada...
  4. Kreskin

    Jon Stewart speech to Congress

    I can't say I understand any of the finite details, but wow, what a passionate presentation.
  5. Kreskin

    Gun Supporter Sen Linda Collins-Smith shot dead

    Linda promoted guns. Linda wanted her freedom. Linda doesn't have much freedom now. Linda done shot dead...
  6. Kreskin

    Trump for re-election

  7. Kreskin

    'THAT'S CRAZY': Amusement park removes personalized bullet keychains

    I'd be more concerned if my daughter came home with one that had my name engraved.
  8. Kreskin

    Tariffs on Mexico

    The Lunatic in Chief is up to his vengeful shenanigans again.
  9. Kreskin

    I bought a Huawei phone

    Does it mean I am a treasonous traiter?
  10. Kreskin

    Inside Trump's Air Force One: 'It's like being held captive'

    CNN writes this stuff like it's a combination of comedy and tragedy. Good for a laugh. Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump's departure for Tokyo on Friday kicks off a summer of global...
  11. Kreskin

    Trump's Tax-deductible Abortions

    We can only assume his Mistress's abortion expenses were audited.
  12. Kreskin

    Orcas passing by Campbell River

    Gorgeous photos taken this morning in Discovery Passage. Someone posted them on facebook. .
  13. Kreskin

    Biblical Flooding: Eastern Canada

    Some regions are experiencing bad flooding...
  14. Kreskin

    Trump Messiah Disorder

    It is like a combination of Stockholm Syndrome and dementia. Although not contagious, there is presently no known cure. Early warning signs include a loss of critical thinking skills and and an inexplicable need to post exclamation marks. Seniors with a history of gullibilty are at high risk.
  15. Kreskin

    Finally a Republican with guts

    He tells it like it is.
  16. Kreskin

    Canada defeats England - rugby 7's final This one is for Blackie.
  17. Kreskin

    Hunchback rolling in his grave Notre Dame burning down.
  18. Kreskin

    Nipsey Hussle died No, not Nipsey Russell. Nipsey Hussle. Although Nipsey Russell is dead. He died in 2005. Frankly, I never heard of Nipsey Hussle before now. It...