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  1. Dixie Cup

    Trudeau’s Newest New Carbon Tax

    Guess those economists want to keep getting their drift from this government so they need to spew the same B.S. It's incredible that anyone would believe this scam!
  2. Dixie Cup


    You are too funny!
  3. Dixie Cup


    Well it's truly unfortunate that you don't know any because I know of many who are well adjusted. Guess you don't "mix" with the right people LOL!! ;)
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    How is this even happening? Haven't people heard about how drugs are coated with Fentanyl & can kill? Are people paying attention? Doesn't look like it.
  5. Dixie Cup

    Trudeau calls trucker protest an 'insult to truth'

    And of course, Hamas bares no blame whatsoever.
  6. Dixie Cup


    Problem is there are only 2 genders whether you believe it or not so all we're getting is extremely confused kids! Truly unfortunate for these kids who, over time, would actually accept who they are - beautiful human beings. To say otherwise is just horrible.
  7. Dixie Cup

    Alec Baldwin fired shot that killed one, wounded another on film set

    I actually saw (either W5 or another program like it) where a man who lives in Quebec actually does exactly that for Hollywood. He has manufactured all kinds of items to make the sounds required in movies. I was quite impressed by the genius of the guy & what sounds he was able to make with...
  8. Dixie Cup

    Canada’s $1.1-trillion debt is shockingly high – it threatens all that we value

    I'll look up the details & let you know as soon as I get them.
  9. Dixie Cup

    Canada’s $1.1-trillion debt is shockingly high – it threatens all that we value

    We should have a house up for sale (reasonable) in Regina soon. The executor hasn't put it up for sale yet but she'd get a good deal.
  10. Dixie Cup

    Hard drugs to be decriminalized in British Columbia

    When my grandfather was in the hospital after being hit by a car, he wasn't eating. So my grandmother told the doctor that she was bringing him in some brandy for him to drink to try & increase his appetite. The doctor agreed so my grandmother brought in brandy whenever she visited him. I...
  11. Dixie Cup


    When I lived in Vancouver as a "young thing" I met several guys involved in construction; carpenters, pipe fitters et al. I remember one guy stating that he had an "easy time" of it that day because when he reached a certain point in what his duties were in construction, he couldn't go any...
  12. Dixie Cup

    Trudeau Makes Good on Ethical Energy to Germany

    Which goes to show the ONLY truth that Trudeau has ever stated was that he "isn't concerned with monetary matters" and it's obvious, he doesn't.
  13. Dixie Cup

    UNRWA. It's like this...

    Good question since there's now proof that there are aid workers that support Hamas.
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    She hadn't been heard from in awhile so she needed to make sure she got the attention she feels she deserves.
  15. Dixie Cup

    Refugee/Migrant Crisis

    Huh, who could have seen that coming?
  16. Dixie Cup

    Hamas attacks Israel

    I do believe that is what Israel's position is - that they were given the wrong information BUT they are doing an investigation. Mistakes are made in war; the U.S. has done it as has Russia. But because it's Israel, OMG it was done on purpose. I doubt if it was done on purpose. Imagine being...
  17. Dixie Cup

    WE really need to get rid of this guy

    $1.59.9 here
  18. Dixie Cup

    Non-Coalition Coalition that’s Definitely NOT a Coalition…

    Well O'Leary was absolutely right when he said in a couple of interviews that we have an "incompetent government" run by a bunch of morons. He included the U.S. as well. He stated that none of the bozo's (my words) have any "management experience" and don't have a clue what they're doing...
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