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    How to Link to a Specific Post?

    I would like to link to a post made in an old thread in these forums. Is there a way to link to a specific post within a thread (not the thread itself)?
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    Visiting Banff

    This summer, for the first time, I drove from Vancouver to Calgary. I would have liked to stop at Banff to buy a shot glass (my wife collects them) but, on the way there, I missed the exit. I saw a sign that said Banff Avenue, or something like that, but didn't realize that was the only exit...
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    Most Alpine-like City in Canada?

    Hi, folks. I traveled around western Europe and loved some of the scenery. The winters are not as cold as they are in, say, northern Canada, because the North Atlantic Current usually keeps it mild (although, I guess this year in eastern Europe it is an exception), but they still get snow. I...
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    Winter Olympics Medals

    The 2010 Winter Olympics medals were unveiled a little while ago. If you haven't read about them yet, the Vancouver Sun covered it: A search would uncover more information, if you are...
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    Provinces Without Property Transfer Tax?

    Here in BC, there is a Property Transfer Tax. I am wondering, does any province not have a property transfer tax? If so, which one(s)?
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    Canadian Astronaut Heading Back to Space

    Julie Payette is going back into space, to the Space Station: Cool stuff! I am glad to see a couple Canadian participants in the ISS, and also hope some hard science is actually resulting from all this work.
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    Pad url?

    What is a PAD URL? I was browsing the freeware section of and noticed many mathematics calculators, for example, Calculator Software Free I work on a website that offers several mathematics tools for students. The tools are written in Javascript, so there is nothing to...
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    Sick of the Olympics Already!!

    The 2010 Winter Olympics are still a year away and I am already sick of them! The TV news, newspapers, radio, etc. seem to mention it constantly. And then we had the one-year to-do. Woop-de-doo! So what?! Are we now going to get a daily countdown? 364 days to go, 363 days to go, 362 days to go...
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    Fastest ISP in Vancouver Area?

    I am finally getting around to exploring the world of Internet TV and that got me wondering, Who provides the fastest Internet service in the Vancouver area? I suppose it comes down to Telus or Shaw. So whose service is faster? My own (limited) experience seems to indicate that Shaw is faster...
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    More Canadian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

    This weekend's news included the story about three more Canadian soldiers being killed in Afghanistan. I haven't researched the event in detail, but apparently they were working on clearing a highway of explosives. That got me wondering: if they were minesweeping, how did they miss the...
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    Tax Free Savings Acounts (TFSA)

    Hi, folks. I came across mention of TFSA's the other day and it got me curious. What exactly are they? Anybody in these forums know more about them? Can anybody just open an account and say they want it to be a TFSA? Are there any restrictions? How do they differ from an RRSP? (I am going to...
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    Website Hosting Companies

    Hi, folks. I am looking for web-host recommendations. I am getting involved with the Parent Advisory Counsel (PAC) at my son’s elementary school and they are considering setting up their own website, so now I am shopping around for a potential web-hosting company. We are located in Vancouver...
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    Green Agenda Going Too Far

    Is it just me, or does anybody else feel overdosed on the present “green” fad? Conserve electricity. Tax gasoline to the max. Charge fees on oil. etc. etc. Micromanage everybody’s life. I am starting to feel that it has gone too far–- to the point that it is being counterproductive. What’s...