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    Where is the (canadian) news about oildesaster in Libanon?

    Picked up some news from German TV Broadcaster As reported Israel struck oiltanks at powerplant in Lebanon, 35 000 ton Heatingfuel spilled into Mediterranian See. This means the biggest oil desaster ever the Mediterraniean See has seen. A major environmental disaster...
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    item for GWB bashers

    Here is a screensaver you may like: Hope you get a laugh from it. If he gets stuck, just move him with your cursor. Can someone interchange heads with other (in)famous personalities?
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    STORA Pulpmill in trouble

    STORA management ermerged after meeting with Unions and Stakeholders. The future for this mill is bleak unless some corporate welfare is received. Dollarvalue, slump in sales and increased Powerrates are some of the stated reasons. And of course after many good years and virtually free or...
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    Letters from abroad

    Anyone seen these or similar email letters ? Some are outright amusing. If you like, why dont you follow this one up; will share the profit with you....LOL! Here is one: Oh may Allah bless you You can now email me at: PLEASE, I write to intimate you of a matter that requires...