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  1. Gabriel9999

    Add New User with Specific Expire Date

    I want to add a user account to my linuxbox. But this user will have specific expire time which will be specified at the useradd definition.
  2. Gabriel9999

    Disable Selinux Temporarily

    I want to dislabe SeLinux but this will be temporary where after reboot it should be enabled.
  3. Gabriel9999

    Check Java version from Command Line

    I have a Java installation and I have only access via bash. How can I check the Java version from command line.
  4. Gabriel9999

    List Only Usernames

    Iwant to list only users names in a Linux system byusing the /etc/passwd file.
  5. Gabriel9999

    List installed packages

    How can I list installed rpm packages ?
  6. Gabriel9999

    How to list databases from Linux command list?

    I have a mariadb database and I want to list existing databases from the linux command line.
  7. Gabriel9999

    Run Local Script On Remote System via SSH

    I have a script in my system. I want to run this script on the remote system which has SSH connection.
  8. Gabriel9999

    Match for a word in a text with the PHP script

    I have an applications developed with PHP. I have a big text file where I want to match for a word but this can be change in the feature. How can I match a word in PHP?
  9. Gabriel9999

    Copy bulk Files in Linux

    I have multiple files in a Linux systems where I want to copy them with a single cp command into a different path and directory. Should I write a bash script to copy one by one?
  10. Gabriel9999

    check file Existing with Python Script

    Are there any way to check the Python interpreter version without entering the Python shell or writing Python script?
  11. Gabriel9999

    check file Existing with Python Script

    Are there any way to check the file existence in Python script.
  12. Gabriel9999

    Create Infinite Loop In Bash

    I want to run a command for ever in the Linux bash. Also I want to put 60 seconds between command execution.
  13. Gabriel9999

    Listing Services with Systemctl

    I want to list services currently installed in an ubuntu box. Also want to list the status of the listed services. Thanks.
  14. Gabriel9999

    How can i add ssh key?

    How can i add Linux ssh keys of the remote server to my local Linux box. The ssh server ip address is .Thanks
  15. Gabriel9999

    Input Only Numbers with HTML

    I want to input onlu numbers in HTML or Javascript. What are different ways for this? Thanks.
  16. Gabriel9999

    List inode numbers of given directory content

    I have directory sifferent type of files and folders exist. I want to list these files and folders inodes numbers with a single command in a single screen. How can achive that? Thanks
  17. Gabriel9999

    File Permission of The Sh Files

    I have a directory where a lot of bash script or sh file exist. I want to change their permission to the 770 with the chmod command. How can i accomplish that? Thanks.
  18. Gabriel9999

    SCP Escape path

    I want to escaspe spaces while using scp command destination how can I specify the escape sequences ?
  19. Gabriel9999

    How can I find suid files in linux?

    From security perspective of my Linux boxes I want to list suid enabled files with the find command.
  20. Gabriel9999

    How to search multiple terms in Google?

    I have a project related with Google Dork. I need to search multiple things in a single search with the terms like search txt files in given domain only.