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  1. Ocean Breeze

    Hamas attacks Israel

    It might not be "popular"......but you comments are based on some harsh realities. In this case "popular" might be over rated.
  2. Ocean Breeze

    Vehicle explosion closes Canada-U.S. border crossing near Niagara Falls: FBI

    Sounds like a knee jerk reaction. Making assumptions before the facts are established. US media did something similar until the officials came out and said there was no valid evidence of "terrorism" Everyone seems to be rather jumpy when such an extreme event takes place and jump...
  3. Ocean Breeze

    Space Thread

    Neither. Just some rocks and dust ;: Chemical make up to be determined. The aliens will come later ;-)
  4. Ocean Breeze

    The King denies Prince Harry a room at Windsor Castle

    Harry and M have created this fissure between them and the royal family. His "book" did not help family relationships at all. He broke a lot of rules by going so public about specific members os the family. If he is now frozen out.... those are just the consequences of his and...
  5. Ocean Breeze

    78-Year-Old US Citizen Sentenced to Life by Chinese Court | China In Focus

    They probably go on business..........or don't fully understand the risks involved. Their cold ruthlessness is astounding.
  6. Ocean Breeze

    Quit Picking on the Republicans

    The Rep party are not the GOP ..we knew ....nor does it have any set of values now. It has become Trumpinaized and that means it has no cohesive message. except perhaps going backwards. The tone is negativek, demoralizing, and almost destructive. The anger that is...
  7. Ocean Breeze

    English Bay BC, May 16 2023

    Yes .the seventies... what an era that was. Same time frame for me. Did you see the barge that ended up in English Bay ?? I made a special trip to see it.;-) Remember the wonderful sunsets on EB??? Awesome.
  8. Ocean Breeze

    English Bay BC, May 16 2023

    Lived in that area too LOVED it !!!!
  9. Ocean Breeze

    Roe v. Wade overturned?

    Male domination??....... how retro is that?? What era do these people live in?? Punish women for having sex??.......... That makes no sense at all......... as what are the men that they have sex with?? The US is going backwards very radically. Abortion is a medical issue...
  10. Ocean Breeze


    It is in keeping with the violence that is going on thee now. There are no boundaries anymore. The mores sensational and violent , threatening/ aggressive the better and more captivating. It is also symptom of a cultural & societal deterioration. Civility has deteriorated too as...
  11. Ocean Breeze

    Tonga Volcano and World Wide Tsunami advisories

    Words fail.........!!! wondering what it will look like when the dust settles. Another "rare event that is extreme and forceful. Nature is demonstrating some of those powers we don't see all that often........and they are concerning. and majestic in their own right......
  12. Ocean Breeze


    It is now in California........ BUILD the wall ;-)
  13. Ocean Breeze

    Environment Canada is issuing the first ever 'red alert' for B.C. ahead of approaching storms

    Smart move. Tat recognizes the severity of what has taken place......and potentially could happen in the next few days . This cannot be minimized of played down. Many have been affected in the most extreme way. with tragic devastation. Glad that Justin came to see for...
  14. Ocean Breeze

    British Columbia :News, & Assorted

    BC is having its share of weather extremes. First the Dome........Now massive flooding. Hope that anyone living in the affected areas are ok.........or at least coping. This is a horror story ........that is affecting everything........... Stay safe everyone........
  15. Ocean Breeze

    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    Canada could receive 1st batch of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine next week Will see it when it happens.
  16. Ocean Breeze

    Trump USA : 2020

    What exactly has he done?? Please specify starting with his hoax stupidity (how about suggesting that injecting disinfectant into the body was an option of therapy ........Geez.....) ....and if he did so much.....why is the US in such a dire situation right now?? Your adoration...
  17. Ocean Breeze

    Trump USA : 2020

    This colossal failure in dealing with the pandemic will be his will be his obstructive behavior following the election. The problem is that he won't go away. He will hover over Biden in a negative way one way or antoehr. Can just see his nasty tweets...
  18. Ocean Breeze

    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    oh Cliffy!!! so cynical ~~ ;-)
  19. Ocean Breeze

    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    would you like to see the UK (virus) get as out of control as is happening in the US?? A lot of folks in the US are ignoring the recommendations , and we are seeing the disastrous results. Mind you ....they have no leadership .
  20. Ocean Breeze

    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    Seems that we are being held hostage by a virus.......and until we have it under will remain that way. But it will take cooperation from everyone.