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    The World under the brink of financial ruin

    Elephants are too big, too hard to feed, cloth, and save. Once the time for elephants to "pass on," the foundations of our ground shook. And this is what's happening about the world. The Elephant is about to fall, the world is injecting massive cash flow into banks to save the world. It is...
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    The Future You & We Must Embrace

    The history is, one again, being written. The Congress rejected the bailout, so has the American people have spoken. This, my friends, would mean either two path: Depression that would make the Great Depression of the 1930 look like a tiny peanut or financial reform and triumph of free market...
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    Bailout SUCKS

    Let's simply put this into context. WHY THE HELL SHOULD AMERICANS PAY FOR WALL-STREET'S MESS? This is absolute ludicrous! After long years of health care failure, credit failure, and now housing failure, somehow "ohhhh sky is falling" is all news? I don't think so. The easy credit and low...
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    Chickens BACK.

    Chickens BACK. You know what I see from McCain's backpedaling action? Not Fit To Lead.
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    What the hell is McCain's problem?

    What the hell is his problem? He says his putting "Country First" and "bring about bi-partisan change." What? WHAT? His visit & meeting with the president, Obama, and the congress proved EXACTLY OPPOSITE. When portion of Republican & Democrats resolved and concluded the terms of bail out...
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    Wall Street is greedy?

    Wall Street is greedy? Hardly UNlikely. Perhaps neo-con republicans forgot how free market works...its greed, money, and victory. Yet, McCain the Son of Bush comes out and tell American people GREEDY WALL STREET DID IT! WAH! It makes me wonder how far he was taught in his naval academy...
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    "I'd much rather lose a campaign to lose a war."

    Lately, we have been witnessing John McCain Bullsh** OVER AND OVER AGAIN on CNN, MSNBC, and...Fox News...*cough*. Its clear that his losing his mind. His argument that Obama voted against the surge, kept going against the surge, urged to cut the bill from the surge, and rejected the...
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    1929 All Over Again

    1929 all over again and more considering how globalized economy is. It is serious, very serious, that Fennie & Freddy is under SEVERE pressure to go bankrupt. LOL That's 5 trillion dollar gone down the trash. And we know the consequence.. Just here to enlighten everyone :D
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    Bell Canada's Unceasing Attacks

    Increasingly rising prices, falling alternative options, and developing privacy invasion..all brought to you by Bell Canada. As you would know, I posted couple other topics tackling Bell Canada's unethical practices. Unfortunately, after worsening throttling (limiting your BitTorrent speed)...
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    Electric Car in Teenager's Garage

    Was watching Discovery channel and I was just baffled.. This teenager, underage meaning his only 17, created his own electric car in his parents' garage. Wow. The budget just around $6000, this boy has created what GM and so many other big auto company failed to do. I don't get it, why is it...
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    Free market is now reaching its peak.

    In 1999, the Congress and the president passed a bill which in effect deregulated and relaxed on how the mortgage business should run. The consequence, as we know it, is deadly and in the long term, billions of dollars and millions of families lost. I do not call for public ownership or...
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    Food Waste

    I donated like a grand... but..does it really work?
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    Louis XVI: Innocent or Guilty as CHARGED

    Yup, just curious :D
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    Bell's 'Throttling' Plan a Threat to a Competitive Net

    Bell's 'Throttling' Plan a Threat to a Competitive Net PDF | Print |...
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    Our cooling world

    So..what's that graph suggesting specifically? Anomaly of the ice in the South pole?
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    Consumer, Brace for 95% chance of Recession

    Now now, don't panic but be happy. Its United States who's going to suffer the most :idea::-P But like the saying goes, his Elephant gets sick, we cough [my version]. So...embrace yourselves, save your money, and possibly prepare.... meh... my student life :angry3:
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    Our cooling world

    I hope I'm not blind Wait wait..maybe I got the date WRONG... sure is cooling!
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    Where have you gone, Oh Canadian Winter?

    First of all, if you are thinking this is about some wild global warming theory, well, its not. :-| But it is yet but strange changes I've witnessing from my small local town [across Buffalo] every year. When I first came to this town--5 years ago--I enjoyed seasonal Canadian winter which I...
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    What is the Stupidest Animal on Earth?

    What is the stupidest animal on Earth? Who stopped the evolution of animal and chained them to domestication to be "stupid"? Who destroys the most of the nature? Who warms the Earth [according to some]? Who kills the most of most intentionally that has self-consciousness? Who wants to rule...
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    What is Hydrogen Fuel?

    Is hydrogen fuel literally "WATER?" If so, how is this sustainable when the world's fresh water supply is at such a risk... If...we turn water into alternative energy for our car, how much are left for us to drink? Is this even a viable option for future?