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  1. coldstream

    'TOTALLY INDEPENDENT': Teen eco-warrior hits back at rumours she's being manipulated

    Big Oil and the corporate world in general has already collapsed on the pseudoscientific nonsense of AGW. It takes a courageous advocate to point out the massive fraud and ulterior motives of which the hoax is based. Business has never been willing to do that. It takes an independent thinker...
  2. coldstream

    Global Warming: still the ‘Greatest Scam in History’

    The last refuge of a bankrupt idea is when it descends to having children appealing to pure pathos and guilt to make their case. It's the sign of an idea has given up on any appeal to reason or evidence. One that has acknowledged to its own fraudulent premise.
  3. coldstream

    Global Warming: still the ‘Greatest Scam in History’

    There are low lying places in Britain that can no longer obtain flood insurance, Miami is spending hundred of millions on drainage systems to combat the 'inevitable' oncoming inundation. Such is blind credulity of the adherents of AGW, even when it is obvious that NONE of the sea rise, none of...
  4. coldstream

    Global Warming: still the ‘Greatest Scam in History’

    I think the last few days have been the coldest I've experienced in the Fraser Valley since I moved here 12 years ago. In that time the winters have become increasingly more severe. The summers have become wetter and cooler...
  5. coldstream

    Paris Deal Collapse

    Trump is rolling back Obama mandated emission targets. To something that will keep the car from being beyond the reach of working families but still retain reasonable clean air standards. That's good. And it won't have an iota of affect on the climate. It should be evident to all but complete...
  6. coldstream

    Six-kilometre-wide iceberg breaks off from Greenland glacier

    A sure sign the Northern Hemisphere is in a cyclical cooling phase. This type of 'calving' is caused when the mass of a glacier grows beyond its ability to maintain its structural integrity. More proof that AGW is a hoax.
  7. coldstream

    Americans are depressed and suicidal because something is wrong with our culture

    Actually it think that is your choice. What i object to is the medical establishment, the judicial system, in fact society as a whole, being obliged to act as a co-conspirator and facilitator of a suicide. All wrapped up in a sentiment drenched conceit of a 'death with dignity'.. with the family...
  8. coldstream

    Americans are depressed and suicidal because something is wrong with our culture

    Personally i think these Euthenasia Bills have served to normalize, institutionalize and even sacrilize suicide. It used to be considered a disgrace to one's family; an admission of failure and defeat; a 'coward's way out'.. not to mention a mortal sin that puts one's salvation in jeopardy...
  9. coldstream

    Get Out Your Bathing Suits Coastal BC, Global Warming Hits Tonight

    Big flakes of snow following outside my window in Chilliwack. Second snowfall this week. Yep.. the northern hemisphere is definitely getting colder. So much for AGW.
  10. coldstream

    Global Warming: still the ‘Greatest Scam in History’

    It's cold out there. Hey, we seem to be in a systemic cooling phase of the climate in the Northern Hemisphere. I guess it's obvious. Carbon based Anthropogenic Global Warming is total BUNK. It never had an ounce of scientific credibility. Now can we move on to some real science, instead of these...
  11. coldstream

    Nasa admits we never went to the moon

    Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, punched the lights out of someone who confronted him with the allegation that the moon landing as a fraud. He had lost friends in the fire on the Apollo 1 mock up (Gus Grissom, Edward White, Roger Chaffee) and all of his comrades risked their lives on...
  12. coldstream

    The geometry of global universe and red- shift. /by Socratus /

    I've always thought this was questionable. I don't think we've really figured out structure of the universe in the dueling relativity and quantum mechanics theories. We don't understand light and gravity and their interconnectnedness. So if the red shift isn't reliable then the whole structure...
  13. coldstream

    Al Gore's Inconvenient Sequel Flops

    Gross revenue of $1 million since the films rollout on June 28th is a FLOP. There is no other way to describe it. Top 10 films of 2017 have grossed between $750M and 1.2B. Basicly no one went to the theatre release except his ever diminishing cult of true believers.
  14. coldstream

    The latest craze in tatoos.

    I'm watching Ink Master again on Spike. It's 9th season starts tonight. It's the one Reality Show that i've returned to after the first season. I abandoned Survivor, American Idol, the Bachelor.. even the Apprentice.. after the first year. But i find the tattoo show endlessly interesting...
  15. coldstream

    Parallel worlds

    But Catholicism calls itself a religion. We all should know that absolute proof of God can only be affirmed by Faith. When you have science making the same claims for scientific postulants, intended as a basis for practical technology, you have contravened the tenets and purpose of the...
  16. coldstream

    Parallel worlds

    Yep, cosmology (like climatology and others), has become a belief system supported solely by faith, with an ordained priesthood who alone can garner academic appointments, publishing, tenure, and is governed by a strict dogma from which no one dare dissent. My problem is they are calling...
  17. coldstream

    Parallel worlds

    This really shows the state of modern cosmology which has a abandoned the scientific method of experiment, empirical proof, AND, its link to practical technology for these nonsensical thought experiments, usually based on some esoteric, abstract mathematics. Once science loses its fundamental...
  18. coldstream

    Paris Deal Collapse

    Good. Paris is a plan that will devastate the world's industrial economy at the behest of the completely discredited, crackpot science of AGW. It's a thinly disguised attempt at wealth distribution to the third world, which will, in fact, impoverish ALL if implemented. We are NOT in a climate...
  19. coldstream

    Happy Earth Day

    They should have named this the March for Pseudoscience.. or the March of Fear Mongering.. of the Global Campaign against the Human Pesitilence.. something more appropriate to their cause. It seems a last gasp for AGW crowd.. whose credibility is in tatters.
  20. coldstream

    The decline of pirates is causing global warming

    Yep, i suspect many of those pirates are finding jobs in university faculties, and pushing the AGW agenda for plunder.