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  1. GreenGreta

    Anyone watching idol?

    You see, I can discuss it on the Idol board with a million (literally) people or I can see if any of you guys are watchin... Go Gina. FYI
  2. GreenGreta

    How do YOU feel about strangers?

    Hey, I haven't been around here in awhile, spending most of my time on myspace and youtube, you know. I'd like some feedback from anyone, on strangers. I had a burst of inspiration and wrote this. Most people teach their children not to talk to strangers. I feel that even adults will avoid...
  3. GreenGreta

    How would this make you feel?

    I was in line at Tim Horton’s this morning. In line in front of me was a man who must have had serious brain surgery recently. He was wearing a bandage over his head and you could see that a large portion of his skull had been cut open and stapled shut. He was missing at least a half-inch of...
  4. GreenGreta

    Angelina Jolie

    Hmmm, so I was programmed to believe that Angelina Jolie is an advocate for children. A lover of children, a wonderful mother for children. LIES. Nasty news out today about Angelina. She arranged to use a school to shoot her new movie. While the school was still in session, mother's went in...
  5. GreenGreta

    My son is 18 today

    And I can't stop crying. How the hell did this happen? When did he turn into a man? I want my little boy back. I'm truly devastated and I really never ever expected it. I always thought I would be excited when my little baby turned 18, but I'm not. I hate it, I feel sick and I want to crawl...
  6. GreenGreta

    Video Editing

    My son's school recorded a couple of their plays and I'd like to edit and play with them. Cut pieces out and send to my friends etc. The DVD it came on consisted of about seven different files. One of the smaller files is the one that "plays" the video. There are two .IFO files, two .BUP files...
  7. GreenGreta

    World Trade Center Movie

    Jeez, are you guys ready for this movie? I can't even watch the trailer without crying (still, i've seen it ten times). The part that gets me especially is when Nicolas Cage says "Whos with me" and one by one the men come forward. Jesus. Anyone else's thoughts on this movie?
  8. GreenGreta

    Welcome Home

    I'd like to personally WELCOME HOME our wonderful soldiers who landed in Edmonton today. I would like to thank them for their work and their sacrifices. I love this picture I found, this man's wife was probably pregnant when he left and he returns to this wonderful baby! I'm happy they are home...
  9. GreenGreta

    I need help to find cheryl

    We will all help. Any idea where she may live?
  10. GreenGreta

    I'm looking for you, Bonnie Bouclair

    Kim and Bonnie Bouclair should have the living shit kicked out of them, and hey, I'm happy to help. Some of us would give anything to have our mother's still alive and these bitches could care less about theirs. A black SUV, a walmart and fifty degrees celcius! Does this sound like a nice comfy...
  11. GreenGreta

    Just thought I'd share this with you.

    I thought I'd share this with you. Today my kid played a homosexual in a very disturbing drama about homophobia. Twice I watched him get beaten to the floor for playing this homosexual. I saw him being told he isn't good enough for the football uniform his character wore, his character was...
  12. GreenGreta

    This one's for Valentine's Day

    Ok, got my chickie here, good g/f of mine. She's got herself a pretty new man (about 3-4 months). She needs some Valentine's day ideas for the guy. She will even make something homemade if it's a good idea... Come on you guys, time's a wastin....... 8)
  13. GreenGreta

    Don't blame the game, Need for Speed.

    Gawd, what a ghastly thing to happen in the GTA. My condolences to the cabbie's family and friends. Please don't think the wrong thing here, IT ISN'T OK. Apparantly two 18 year olds were carrying the game "Need for Speed" in their car while street racing. During their race, they collided with...
  14. GreenGreta

    What should you do with a bonus from work?

    Ok, my work gives occasional bonuses to it's employees. Now it isn't much, but sometimes it's 200 bucks! And sometimes it's a cash spiff. So far, I've gotten like over 500 in bonuses in 6 months! :D I think that since it's free money and you aren't counting on it for bills and stuff, it...
  15. GreenGreta

    Kate Moss writing autobiography...

    Ok, that's awesome, who is going to read it. It'll probably start like this. I was born pretty and dumb, so I'm on the catwalk, oh ya, on the catwalk. I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt so sexy ya. Then she can discuss her embarrassing cocaine problem. Sounds like a great read.
  16. GreenGreta

    Our kids get shot at day cares now???

    This is new, I can honestly say I never even imagined this. A 7 year old was SHOT by an 8 year old at her daycare where she participates in a before-school program. I have several things to comment on in this story. When the police got to the day care centre, all the children were watching...
  17. GreenGreta

    Approved script when answering the phone at Greta’s house.

    Well since you guys have such a big problem with how I use the phone I pay for, I decided to submit a script for your review and approval. If approved, I will forward to my child for his use. Scenario 1. Newspaper subscription phone call. Bring Bring A: Hello, this is Green Greta's house, may...
  18. GreenGreta

    I just had to tell you guys what my kid did yesterday

    My son is 17 we'll call him A, and already hates the government, he's really smart. Anyways, last night the phone rang, it was the liberals. Apparantly the person on the phone had a very strong accent and a poor grasp of language. The convo went like this. Bring Bring A: Hello? L: This is the...
  19. GreenGreta

    Ok, what movie have you watched over and over

    I watched the movie "Alive" twice at the theatre and read the book over and over. I have watched "Back to the Future" so many times I probably have it memorized "McFly, McFly" As well, mustn't forget the wedding singer, with my very own Drew Barrymore.
  20. GreenGreta


    My name is Greta and I was an alcoholic. Ok, maybe not a total alcoholic but I did have problems. The blackouts, lost time, waking up in gutters (true story). There was even a story that yours truly has stripped on a pool table, but we don't believe that one. I stopped drinking by myself...