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  1. cdn_bc_ca

    Overtaking vehicle on road with double-yellow line

    Was having a discussion with somebody about dashed vs. single solid vs. double solid yellow lines on a roadway in regards to passing other vehicles. On a dashed yellow line, allowed to pass when safe. On a solid yellow line, allowed to pass when safe. On a double-solid yellow line, not allowed...
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    What to do about global warming

    I edited my post to correct misleading info.
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    What to do about global warming

    I didn't read the entire thread, but people say that a car wastes gas when it is idling. That's why municipalities tell us to turn off our cars when idling for more than a minute. Well, how about these ideas... 1. Reduce the number of traffic lights instead of putting up more. 2. Implement...
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    Flu is not the biggest danger ...... It's the vaccine

    "Prime Mimicster" LOL. The problem is that you placed your trust in a politician... ;-)
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    Quebec angry over lack of French at Games

    Quebec angry over lack of French at Games - Â*2010 Vancouver Olympics article - Sports - MSN CA here's a quote from the article: "I don't accept being a second-class citizen" Coderre told a talk show on LCN network. As far as I'm concerned, at the venues I've been to so far, French has always...
  6. cdn_bc_ca

    Big bad companies...

    Wow, the more I think about this the more I'm getting scared. I just went through a chain of events this past week which led me to pretty much dedicate the entire day googling about various topics regarding huge multi-national companies and their influence over politics, policies, and consumers...
  7. cdn_bc_ca

    Flu is not the biggest danger ...... It's the vaccine

    I've never given much thought to vaccines because I usually don't bother with them. Now that I have kids and one of them is attending kindergarten, I've been reading up on these stories of how bad these vaccines are. My daughter, after the first week of school, was already hit with the seasonal...
  8. cdn_bc_ca

    So much for Mac OS X security...

    For those of you that think that the Mac OS X is the most secure OS... think again. It got hacked in 2 minutes flat in this competition: I would have thought that Microsoft Vista would go down first...
  9. cdn_bc_ca

    Who can offer this plan besides Telus?

    I was reading up on another forum an incredible plan from Telus: Basically, you get 200 daytime minutes, unlimited evening and weekends from 6pm (yes I said 6pm not 9pm), voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding for $17.30 An extra $10 gets...
  10. cdn_bc_ca

    Bell Mobility offering HTC Touch with unlimited data plan

    Not sure if this was posted before but I just read on another forum that Bell Mobility is offering the HTC Touch for $399 but the more important thing is that they are offering unlimited data for $7. I'm not sure but I think the $7 unlimited data applies to all the phones... not just the Touch...
  11. cdn_bc_ca

    For those using AVG, please read.

    Fellow CC Citizens, I just read an article at Ars comparing the effectiveness of various AV packages at detecting various forms of new malware and viruses. There results are not in favor of AVG... in fact, it came last in the list with only 8 percent detection rate and alot of false positives...
  12. cdn_bc_ca

    Nokia N95

    Anybody got this phone? If so, how do you like it?
  13. cdn_bc_ca

    Rogers Email to Txt... subscription service?

    I'm on Rogers Wireless. I just tried to send myself 3 emails to my phone using <mycellnumber> None of the emails made it to my phone. I was expecting an alert telling me that an email had arrived and I needed to respond with REPLY to get the actual message. But nothing. Just...
  14. cdn_bc_ca

    Lordco... can you trust them?

    Obviously not. I recently went to the Lordco at Clarke Rd. in my area and wanted to get an oil filter for my SUV. After speaking with the person behind the counter, he went off into the aisles and returned with a Fram oil filter. He laid it on the counter and told me to pay at the cashier...
  15. cdn_bc_ca

    Mayan Rivieria - Recommendations?

    I'm thinking of going to Mexico Maya Riveria around May. Anyone have any recommendations of which All Inclusive resort to go to? My only criteria are: 1. 4 stars or higher 2. Ocean view or beach view with terrace or balcony. Oh, and the resort has to have good food. The more a la carte...
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    Linux Security Advisories

    For those of you who are using Linux, including myself, it is important to continue to update your packages with your package manager that came with your distro. Here is a list of vulnerabilities for the different distros: Just in case you didn't...
  17. cdn_bc_ca

    MLA's get pay raise

    Just heard on the news that MLA's voted for themselves a 15% pay raise. So the average pay for your MLA is $86,000/year while Campbell reaps in $140,000 and the opposition leader goes home with something like $110,000. They must do alot of work to make this amount of money.
  18. cdn_bc_ca

    The Midas Theory

    hmmm... where to begin. Let me just say that I have a negative view of Midas. Anyone seen those Midas commercials with the lie detectors? Everytime I see those ads it really gets me fired up. I not saying that the people working at Midas brake centres are liars, in fact, they are a nice group...
  19. cdn_bc_ca

    Is it my fault? (Driving in Lower Mainland)

    What's up with the drivers in the Lower Mainland? I've been driving for about 13 years now... no accidents but a few speeding tickets and had my car vandalized a couple of times :-( I haven't had much to complain about until about the last year or so. Here's my gripe. Sorry for the long post...