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    France choice GOP to socialism

    Instead of communism and too currently democracy, however, became socialism. :smile::smile::smile::-(:smile::smile:
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    I did thoughts. Further, the development does not go any worse than the movies it has gone backwards when time was good from history by late 80s plus 90s especially the US. Music is good.
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    evil caractors

    In Christianity, Satan is also known as the Devil and, although the Book of Genesis does not mention him, he is often identified as the serpent in the Garden of Eden. In the Middle Ages, Satan played a minimal role in Christian theology and was used as a comic relief figure in mystery plays...
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    God are evil by voices

    God gave voices in my orbit as meaning, characters acted far from that never stopped this misery for the past 4 years. I have God contradiction to me as God does not stop the cast of the ass. Maybe the Devil or Satan is my throne when God worships the voices. God thought I haven't music...
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    Military conflict by United States

    Its before easier but after the poor uphill of the loss of Vietnam by the United States. Since all the bombs that fell in only the bomber did not invade the ground troops for at least 20 seizures have read the facts of the forum of DaSleeper and the latest row of bombing flights to China's east...
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    The Military Power

    The world militaries strenght capacity. Here mine top sixty and by tanks. 60.Greece 60.1254 59.Syria 59.5035 58.Finland 58.180 57-South Africa 57.195 56.Cuba 56.1230 55.Canada 55.80 54.South Sudan 54.110 53.Kazahkstan 53.650 52.Czechia 52.116 51.Armenia 51.110 50.Kuwait 50.567...