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    Need web volunteer/campaign help.

    Hey everyone: I'm working on the election campaign of a first time candidate (Liberal) in our provincial election and I need, really need, a web/technology volunteer for the campaign office. I'm pushing for short videos on his website and Facebook page (honestly, no Facebook page = major...
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    A Vegetarian Cooking A Turkey

    Hey folks: I'm a veg-head and the only one in my social group, including my girlfriend. I love to cook. I was taking care of a sick friend over Christmas and missed the whole season, and now I want to do a big turkey dinner (I mean BIG - and for at least 12 people). A friend is going to get...
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    Why Women MUST be Beaten - Islam Says So.

    Folks, this one really caught my breath. How does one begin to answer such - well I'm at a loss to even name this insanity. I'm not out to get any particular religion - they all seem a little nutty to me. This, however, is a bit shocking...
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    A Long (but good) Article About Obama's Moment

    From Rolling Stone Magazine Obama's Moment Written off by the experts at the start of the campaign, Barack Obama is now surging in Iowa - proof that some things in politics are still not rigged Matt Taibbi Posted Dec 13, 2007 1:14 PM All love stories are beautiful at the...
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    The first paragraph is awesome!

    Local & State News Originally Posted on 1/2/2008 5:53:14 PM Last Updated on 1/2/2008 6:07:09 PM New details on euthanized sperm whale Fort De Soto Park, Florida -- New information has been released regarding the sperm...
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    Faith-Killing children (Washington Post Column)

    This is from the Washington Post: Abusing Children in the Name of God By Shawn F. Peters A hemophilic boy in Pennsylvania bleeds to death over a period of...
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    Can athiests be parents? - Time Magazine

    Wow. Just wow. Can Atheists Be Parents? Monday, Dec. 07, 1970 John Burke, an atheist, and his wife, a pantheist, had left the line blank. As a result, the bureau denied the Burkes' application. After the couple began court action, however, the bureau...
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    N.Y. Times End of Year Editorial - Bush et. al. Fail.

    If only the Times had maintained its neutrality and independence this editorial might have the effect it ought: Editorial Looking at America Published: December 31, 2007 There are too many moments these days when we cannot recognize our country. Sunday was one of...
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    Our cooling world

    Thanks Tonington - and yeah, I think that is the guy. Regardless of temperature change, we are pumping an awful lot of crap into the atmosphere and doing stupid things like acidifying our oceans. Why there is ideology involved in not pooping where we eat befuddles me. Pangloss
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    Our cooling world

    What about fluctuating solar output? I've read a little and it sounds interesting: if the argument is correct, a more radiant sun would overwhelm and earth based influences and heat everything up, no matter how many or few cows were belching. I've only read one paper on this, and that means so...
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    Yet another "Meat Is Bad" story.

    This is from the Telegraph newspaper in the U.K. I know, I know - everything out of the U.K. is copyrighted by Blackleaf, but I thought I'd take the chance. Anyway, here's reason number 10,382 to not eat meat: Eating beef ' is less green than driving' Last Updated: 2:59am BST 19/07/2007...
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    Winnie Mandela barred from Canada

    I remember Winnie - kinda like a thug Yoko Ono, spoiling everything she touched - doing the "soccer jump" with her cadre of bodyguards/supporters. Damn right we should keep her out of Canada - she asked for a kidnapping (this is from my memory - admittedly faulty) and it resulted in a death...
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    Bradbury/Farenheit 451 re-interpereted

    Now I'm gonna have to go re-read the darned book! Is it possible for an author to misunderstand their own work? Ray Bradbury, after accepting a Pulitzer Prize, has decided to set the world straight about his most literary work...
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    Whole Foods Instead Of Pills

    I take a multi and calcium - it might do some good (not enough studies to prove it though), and if not, at worst it gives me slightly more expensive pee. The calcium is so I don't get cramps while cycling. Pangloss
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    Whole Foods Instead Of Pills

    Doc: "Devoid" means "entirely lacking or free from." Again, do you think before you write? Pangloss
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    Whole Foods Instead Of Pills

    Entirely lacking or free from vitamin and mineral content. Do you even think before you write? Pangloss
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    Whole Foods Instead Of Pills

    If what someone posts is factually wrong, correct them. If someone's opinion is contrary to yours, gird your loins and do battle. If you have irrelevant personal information that could be used to discredit a fellow poster - SIT ON YOUR HANDS AND RESIST THE URGE TO TYPE. Of course, that's just...
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    Whole Foods Instead Of Pills

    s243a Your arguments would carry more weight with me if you didn't include nonsense like we cannot absorb iron from vegetables. Gee, so all of us vegetarians are dead, huh? The Canadian Blood Service has been wrong every single one of the 300+ times they've tested my blood iron levels when...
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    Whole Foods Instead Of Pills

    No, a lot of people who lived past 100 did not live unhealthy lives. A few - there are always going to be those very few who process fats well, or are not affected by tobacco, or have some immunity to degenerative diseases. Most of us, by definition, are average. Wanna avoid iron defeciency...
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    Whole Foods Instead Of Pills

    Well, that's dumb. Of course we can get everything we need from the foods we eat. Avoid processed foods, limit animal fats, eat a wide assortment of foods, small amounts often (not just two big meals), and get off yer butt a couple of times a day. Better for you, and cheaper too. Ask anyone who...