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  1. FiveParadox

    Well, I have 2 years left... get my résumé fixed up to apply for membership in the Senate of Canada. The Honourable FiveParadox... has a nice ring to it, right?
  2. FiveParadox

    Should Parliament have judicial powers?

    As the debate on Bill C-14 (the medical assistance in dying bill) rages on in the Senate, the Honourable Senator Anne C. Cools, an independent senator representing Ontario, made an interesting argument. Parliament is considering Bill C-14 as a way of addressing the decision of the Supreme Court...
  3. FiveParadox

    Trudeau's government was nearly defeated on May 16

    The government of the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau P.C., M.P., the Prime Minister, was nearly defeated yesterday, when the opposition parties coordinated with one another to catch the government off-guard. Despite the government's substantial majority in the House of Commons, a vote on bill...
  4. FiveParadox

    MPs show Sikorski love after homophobic Valentine

    This card was delivered to Sikorski by Boissonnault, his MP for Edmonton Centre. A month ago, Degas Sikorski received a shocking homophobic message from a co-worker at his workplace, Party City, in Edmonton, Alberta. Today, however, he is feeling love and support all the way from Ottawa — and...
  5. FiveParadox

    Independent senators form non-partisan working group

    The seat count for independent senators continues to grow, with the Honourable Senator Diane Bellemare (Alma, Québec), and the Honourable Senator Michel Rivard (The Laurentides, Québec) stepping out of the Conservative Party caucus earlier this week. There are now thirteen independent senators...
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    A Canadian political institution made me cry today

    Just check out the article here. re: Mauril Bélanger serve as honorary Speaker of the House for a day, during his struggle with ALS.
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    Update on the Senate modernization committee

    As folks are probably aware, one of my most passionate political and constitutional interests is the ongoing conversation around the development and evolution of the Senate of Canada as a more effective, and independent, chamber of sober second thought. I think that the Senate has the...
  8. FiveParadox

    Commons committee considering "family-friendly" rules changes

    The Commons standing committee on procedure and House affairs is considering rules changes that would allow our elected representatives to strike a healthier work-life balance, and to allow them to put an appropriate focus back on their families. The parties have been asked to consult their...
  9. FiveParadox

    Report on Senate expenses expected within days

    Arbitrator evaluated 14 senators' expenses in dispute resolution Attention is about to turn back to the expense practices of the SEnate, as the Honourable Mr. Justice Ian Binnie, a former puisne justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, is preparing to issue his report on 14 senators' expenses...
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    Next GG to "reflect the diversity of Canada"

    As 2017 approaches, discussions have already started as to the appointment of Canada's next governor general. The Right Hon. Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P., seems to have started the public conversation early, commenting today that "[he] will take into account the nature of Canada and the desire of...
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    What Are You Having For Dinner?

    Had fajitas tonight, and some lovely Moscato wine. :-)
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    What to do with a tied vote?

    With all of the hubbub in the United States this week about coin tosses, and the role that luck and chance have played in the ongoing race for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations, the CBC has published an article reviewing some of our own practices here in Canada. As it turns...
  13. FiveParadox

    Parliament Hill: Great Fire of 1916

    On February 3, 1916, a fire broke out in the Centre Block of Parliament Hill, destroying most of the building. Quick-thinking parliamentary staff acted to protect as much of the country's history and archives as possible, without whom the fire would have been far more devastating. A rendition...
  14. FiveParadox

    Senate ethics office resumes investigation of former Tory senator

    The Senate ethics office has resumed its investigation into the conduct of the the Honourable Senator Don Meredith. Senator Meredith was appointed in 2010 on the advice of the Right Hon. Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P., but was expelled from the Conservative caucus last year, when he was accused of...
  15. FiveParadox

    Commons committees are ready to get started

    The House of Commons standing committee on procedure and House affairs has at last prepared the membership rosters for the House's standing committees, which are responsible for studying legislation and issues, and providing advice to the House, throughout the year. The rosters were presented on...
  16. FiveParadox

    Parliament returns on Jan. 25: What to watch for

    The House of Commons resumes sitting on Monday, January 25 (and the Senate resumes one day later), and the national economic landscape has seen a drastic shift since the House last sat. The CBC interviewed the Honourable Dominic LeBlanc P.C., M.P., Leader of Her Majesty's Government in the House...
  17. FiveParadox

    Liberal promise achieved: Senate appointments process

    Liberals introduce new Senate appointments advisory process An order-in-council was passed last week creating a new advisory process for Senate appointments. The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau P.C., M.P., the Prime Minister, has achieved another one of the Liberals' campaign promises through...
  18. FiveParadox

    Liberals to model national security committee on UK version

    According to a statement from The Honourable Ralph Goodale PC, MP, the Minister of Public Safety, Canada is going to be looking at creating a national security committee — to oversee the work of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and other Canadian agencies with intelligence powers —...
  19. FiveParadox

    Former NDP MP Dan Harris 'exonerated' re: satellite offices

    The House is collecting. The NDP owes $2.7 million for misspending taxpayers' money. Dan Harris, a former member of the House of Commons representing Scarborough Southwest under the banner of the New Democratic Party, is no longer going to be required to repay over $140,000 to the House of...
  20. FiveParadox

    Senate HR director fired "without cause"

    A controversy is brewing once again in the Senate of Canada. After more than two years on the job, Darshan Singh, the director of human resources for the Senate administration, was fired "without cause" on December 2, 2015. Sources from within the Senate have said that senators were told he was...