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    Canadians paying far too much for Gas

    Consumers Being Gouged At The Pumps, Study Finds Thursday May 10, 2007 It's one study where Canadians likely won't be surprised by the results. Consumers in this country are being cheated at the gas pump, according to an investigation by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. The think...
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    Warner Bans Canadian Promo Screenings to Battle Piracy

    Warner Bans Canadian Promo Screenings to Battle Piracy, Cries into Giant Money Pile of Money In an effort to thwart global movie piracy, Warner Bros. studios is cancelling all promotional screenings of their films in Canada, Variety reports. WB researchers possibly using the same...
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    Hello World Currency, Bye Bye US Dollar

    THE NEW WORLD DISORDER Goodbye U.S. dollar, hello global currency CFR chief: Monetary nationalism, sovereignty should be abandoned Posted: May 9, 2007 1:00 a.m. Eastern By Jerome R. Corsi © 2007 Benn SteilThe director of international economics at the Council on Foreign...
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    Sympatico user log

    Update May 20/2004 Still smooth sailing as far as the connection goes. I've recently upgraded to the new SpeedStream 6300 modem/wireless router, which has been great, extremely stable. Had a small billing snafu, but they corrected that in no time. Update Mar 14/2004...
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    Sympatico bitcapz gone - ppl happy now

    Since itz been a while since i posted here, might as well make it an interesting post! I found this at rbua and cbc so here you are BCE Q1 earnings rise on improved wireless, high-speed internet results Last Updated Wed, 05 May 2004 16:06:41 MONTREAL - Communications conglomerate BCE Inc...
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    Whats going on everybody here?

    Heyas, I got ur emails about board downtimes I have not visited these forums in over 1 year. How is everybody? I visited here when there was that bitcaps started by Sympatico really made me mad and I was posting like crazyness years ago :P Anywayz, Nomore bitcaps and I am happy to see its...
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    Who's country is this?

    Whose country is this anyway? The strategy of divide and conquer has served malevolent purposes since the dawn of conflict, but for sheer efficiency, post-Freudian Canada has discovered that a little alienation goes a long way. Canada's current population may be of overwhelmingly European...
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    Are muslims out to get us in T.O.?

    Dear Immigration Reformer: Multiculturalism is a crock. Yet, Establishment dimwits believe it's a proud achievement of rapidly declining Absurdistan. Note the fulsome praise from William Thorsell in the GLOBE AND MAIL (November 18, 2002). "Canada is a famously functioonal multicultural...
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    USA vs. Iraq

    At this point, a war seems inevitable, and I believe it's just begun. What's this talk about planes attacking iraqi city centres? Please state your view here... Because my view is that the outcome of this attack will be a mirror of Bush's father. Like father like son. Both idiots. PS. I like...
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    Who would you have dinner with?

    If there was one person in history or present day you could choose to have dinner with, who would it be and why?
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    Best DSL provider.

    Bob, I know you have a million of them listed... But what's YOUR opinion on the best ISP in Ontario? I've seen them all on canadianisp, but you must have an opinion.
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    Very very interesting historic usenet Google has definately done it again. I spent some time reading historic posts about such topics as the first word about aids, chat from west berlin the day after the fall of the berlin wall. Sept 11 threads and MUCH more.. Take a look...
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    The start of the WWW (VERY INTERESTING) 1991-08-06 13:37:40

    Usenet post from 1991-08-06 13:37:40 PST In article <>
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    Happy Birthday LuShes and LRHK

    Two board members with birthdays soon :) Have a great one you two.
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    Conspiracy Theory

    By Wild from: Conspiracy theory 101 --- Note: Purely Hypothetical, no evidence --- Everybody knows that Rogers has had it's problems in the past financially, big tip-off with the @home incident. Rogers doesn't want to crash and burn...
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    You _DONT_ need to register to use forums!

    no registration required! Just use no "Username" or use a username not already taken in the posting form.
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    Rogers running PORN SITES!!!!!!!

    I dont know how true this is, but for one, it wouldnt surprise me. I read it at and was very shocked rogers does this. How disgusting.
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    Rogers communications runs PORN SITES (OMG)

    I dont know how true this is, but for one, it wouldnt surprise me. I read it at and was very shocked rogers does this. How disgusting.
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    New bitcaps

    Sympatico did it, and Rogers is going to do it too :( How on earth can we stop these $$ hungry corporate giants? I checked out one alternative DSL service provider in Toronto, you must buy the modem and no refunds.. modem cost is $295! If we're going to be hit, we're gonna be hit hard. sorry to...
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    No registration required to post here!

    I'd like to remind everyone, you DO NOT have to register... just use your desired username under the username field! :)