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    Assault rifles will now be deemed legal in the US

    News of the Assault Rifes Ban is now expiring as of Monday and people will now be allowed to own those weapons legally. Of course the Bush administration and Congress did not bring up the matter to extend the ban on these weapons. Bush ofcourse being looked upon by the NRA as a hero to get...
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    Internet Explorer - Internet Exploited?

    Well I have written an article informing people about the lovely vulnerabilities of Internet Explorer. Yes we have heard time and time again about vulnerabilities. IE ihas more holes than a poor guy being whacked from Tony Soprano's gang. To read the article go here...
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    Tech - What would you like to see?

    I just want to know your feedback of aka the tech page of this website. Are you people really interested in downloads or would you like more focus on reviews\howtos and other stuff? Or less focus on downloads and more time spent on articles? Your feedback would be greatly...
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    Internet Explorer - 2 more holes found

    Internet Explorer has 2 more holes which can allow advertisers an easy way to force you to view their ads. I cannot see why people still use this browser as a daily browser, it lacks features and other things. These 2 holes found make it more holier than a mafia hit and should be patched...
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    ZoneAlarm 5 - You should be alarmed by it.

    ZoneAlarm 5 has been out not too long and with every new version there seems to be something wrong, or in this case many things wrong. There has been many reviews complaining that ZA5 has broken a lot of things that used to work well in ZA4, some occurances are people who use IIS will find it...
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    FireFox 0.9 RC 1

    Mozilla has released a newer version of FireFox 0.9 RC 1 which comes with new updates and what not.... Of course this is beta software but it should be stable. More to come from me with this issue.... Please note that the help -> about might say its 0.8 but hey that's ok :D
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    Rogers Cable going to 5mbps

    It seems that Rogers is boosting their download speed to 5Mbps with 800kbps upload. The full article is listed here:
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    Browsers update

    The makers of Opera software have recently released Opera 7.50 with many new features and improvements over 7.23. Now on the block is an update of Mozilla 1.7 RC2 beta, probably in a few weeks we will see the final release of 1.7. Also at Thunderbird 0.6 with MUCH needed spam...
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    Three people captured in regards to school firebombing

    As the news hit across Canada that they were looking for the peopel responsible for firebombing an elementary school library in Montreal, so far police have captured 3 people responisble for this heinous act. There might be a few more people who also acted with hate for firebombing a Jewish...
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    Norwegians find Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Man I couldn't stop laughing at the news today that in Basra, Iraq the Norwegian group founds weapons of mass destruction. Well I guess any weapon a "terrorist" nation has is a WMD. What did they find in Iraq? Part of a SCUD missle launcher that is the Weapons of Mass Destruction. HELLO...
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    Close the freakin borders on beef imports from the US!

    This is sickening there was 1 person declared with the human form of madcow disease and yet Canada is thinking about closing the borders?????? Hey Paul Martin you sob didn't you see what Bush did we didn't have madcow in the food chain the americans do! Shut down the borders and safe our people...
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    This is really sick..... Now you know why the US is f'ed up

    Well I was looking at and just came to this first post which makes me sick. Here They are making bets on people's lives! You know americans are really fucked up and if they could make shit like this they deserve what they get! They think everything is a game to them while...
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    British information minister dead

    Well it looks like someone knew something in the British Parliment, since the guy apperantly committed suicide. (I forgot his name I know it was David) Anywho so now what? First the CIA says they were at fault and now a British minister supposedly killed himself. I feel bad that the brits fell...
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    Help reduce your chances of prostate cancer, just masturbate

    Well I was looking at fuckedcompany and well stumbled upon an article of theirs and well said oh well take a look. Anywho there was a study prooving that masturbating or having sex ofter in people in their 20s to 50s saw a lower chance of prostate cancer. I found it kinda amusing the article...
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    Suing the US for madcow

    Well it seems that the shit is hitting the fan because the truth is out there in which I believe and probably a lot of Canadians are is that the US is responsible for the epidemic of not only the US but other countries that use Canadian beef as their main source of beef. The story which is out...
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    Canada and US barb over defecit This article is wayyyyyy to funny. I couldn't stop laughing at it. Ok there is some truth to it by saying they did have sept 11 but then again in 2001 the markets and the economy was shit...
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    Americans trigger happy on banning Alberta beef imports

    You know it honestly sickens me on how quick the US is banning Alberta beef. Did the US ban the export of its own beef when mad cow disease? Nope. The cow that was tested for madcow disease wasn't even slaughtered! The farmers had a feeling it was sick. I mean wtf is going on here? 1 cow ban...
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    SPLIT TOPIC: Canadian economics

    What can the US provide to these other countries that Canada can't? We have all the natural resources in the world and we could offer it to the countries who say no to the US. The US needs us more or else the bottled water they are drinking will come from a sewer in Idaho. I mean look at it the...
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    What do you think of tech?

    I just want your personal opinion on Canadian Content/tech Please answer the poll truthfully and only answer once. Got suggestions please reply to this post The files are down because I am having server problems and will be back when they will be, so enjoy the reviews for now ;)
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    Freedom of music in the US not possible in the US.

    Well this is a sad story that is utterly rediculous. Two DJs were suspended from their jobs from a country music radio station for playing the Dixie Chicks. Yah that's right SUSPENDED for playing the DIXIE Chicks. Ok I'm not a fan of theirs but doesn't this action proove to them that they are...